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We didn’t stop the movement by suspending it, what did Laxman Haque say by leaving the nutrition?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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OBC leaders Laxman Hake and Navnath Waghmare have finally given up their upbringing. A government delegation today visited the site where the erection was started. After discussions with the government delegation, we have said that the government is responding positively. His malnutrition started from last ten days. The government delegation is proud of its demand for sustenance.

After the issue was resolved, Laxman Hoque said, ‘One or both of them were resolved and the government that demanded the rest has given a positive response. This is a request from a government delegation. Reservation in Panchayat Raj is pending for last three years. 56 thousand of our villages are deprived. One thousand panchayat members have gone to Bhatun. The government should make some request to the court. We are suspending this movement temporarily. Government, we are giving positive response. We do not know its meaning. He is in trouble. Determine the direction of the next movement. We are suspending the agitation.

Laxman Haque further said, ‘The state government has accepted both our demands. There are technical reasons behind both demands. The Whole Soy Ordinance has been passed. The government said it would not make the ordinance without holding an all-party meeting. It is said that action will be taken against the givers and takers of bogus Kunbi certificates. Government issued certificates in order of priority. Justice is expected from them. We do not believe that God is coming. We have filed lakhs of cases against him. Prepare a white magazine. Thus the movement did not stop. The movement has been postponed.

‘A bogus certificate has been issued. Provided under government protection. By giving orders from officers. A record-breaking valet. It is a bogus record. Our actions depend on it. Publish its white magazine and report the proceedings. We resent that point. We will protest on that. There is a total reservation of 56 thousand rupees in Panchayat Raj. It does not mean that OBCs will be given reservation without reservation or elections will be held. “Hey Sarkar, please clarify.”

‘This movement has not stopped. Suruch Raheel. They have called us to sit. This movement is still going on. Or consider the 30 to 40 percent success rate of letter writers. Hey Sarkar, Kathar has passed. We didn’t win. But I managed to divert attention to our movement. Balasaheb sarate yes animal orders new concept. How can such a cabinet be constituted? As hi hake sehat.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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