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Waterlogged roads, knee deep water, children swimming…video from Delhi’s JJ Colony

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Delhi’s JJ Colony submerged in water

The weather pattern has changed in the country. People have got relief from the intense heat, on the other hand, the rain falling from the sky is becoming a disaster for the people of some areas. How has the weather changed in Delhi, the capital of the country? The latest pictures from Delhi’s Bawana have surfaced. There are very few roads here and only water can be seen far and wide. Due to the breach of the Munak Canal barrage in Delhi, waist-deep water has entered JJ Colony in Bawana in North Delhi.

In the video, it can be clearly seen how the water has entered the residential areas due to the breach of the barrage. Here the roads have almost disappeared. People have to swim in waist-deep water. The streets of Bawana are completely submerged in water. The situation is such that people have to carry their children on their shoulders. As the water in the Munak canal rose, its force fell on the bank and a portion of the canal collapsed due to the force of the water on Wednesday night.

There may be scarcity of drinking water

Due to the break of this canal, water spread to the surrounding area, Bawana was flooded by the time the administration woke up and asked Haryana to shut off the water. The problem is that not only residential areas are flooded, Delhi may also face a drinking water crisis. According to the information, water is supplied to Hyderpur Water Treatment Plant from Munak Canal, so there may be shortage of drinking water along with floods.

The canal barrage was broken at 2 pm

According to officials, the canal breach was reported at around 2 am, water inundated the colony by the time the administration could take any action. People were fast asleep and water entered their area. By the time people woke up, the roads had disappeared from their area. However, now necessary steps have been taken to stop the canal water in Haryana area itself and repair work is going on in Bawana where the canal is broken, but the people of JJ Colony in Bawana are facing a big problem.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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