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Waqf occupation of Meera Baba Math, Hindu families came out to protest: Collector’s office surrounded

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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People protesting outside the District Magistrate’s office in Aligarh

A case of illegal occupation of the famous Meera Baba Math in Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh has come to light. It is alleged that the officials of the Waqf Board have tried to take over the Mutt through forged documents. On receiving information about this, a dozen Hindu families under the banner of Akhand Hindu Sena surrounded the collector’s office and demanded to free the Math from encroachment. The protesters have demanded the Aligarh DM to intervene in the matter and threatened to flee the village.

Akhand Hindu Sena National President Deepak Sharma has given a memorandum to the DM in this regard. In which he has attached the report received from Tehsil under Right to Information. The report states that the Waqf Board does not have any land in Kheda village of Aligarh. While Yunus Ali etc. who claim to be Waqf Board officials have tried to capture this Math claiming it as Wakf land. According to Deepak Sharma, Yunus Ali also has the support of some officials and the police.

The ashram has been worshiping for 150 years

While people of Hindu families have been worshiping in this Math for more than one and a half hundred years. He said that a huge fair is organized at this place every year in the month of Ashadha. During this time people come here to perform the rites of shaving their children. Married couples come to Baba’s court and pray for a happy married life. People sitting on a dharna outside the District Magistrate office said that people of a particular religion are trying to forcibly occupy Mira Baba’s Math.

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Fear of migration

If the administration does not remove their encroachment from here, all the people of the village will make a mass exodus and a big movement will be made. On the other hand, village head Amit Kumar also supported the views of the protesters. Said that the land of Meera Baba Math belongs to Gram Sabha and that land is being forcibly occupied by some people.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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