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Village submerged, groom sets out to fetch bride in boat… Crowds gather to watch wedding procession-video

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The bridegroom left with the wedding procession by boat in Barabanki.

A wedding procession in Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki is much talked about. When the road was submerged in flood water, the bridegroom took the bride in a wedding procession by boat to get married. Villagers thronged boats to watch bands, musical instruments and processions. People made a video of this unique procession and posted it on social media, now this video is going viral.

Many villages in Barabanki district are in the grip of floods after water was released from Nepal. Meanwhile, Ram Asare’s daughter’s wedding was going on at Madhavpurwa in Ballopur II Gram Panchayat of the flood affected area. His relationship was determined with Raghavram of Sailak village in Suratganj block of the district. But the road leading to the village was submerged in flood water. When the wedding procession came, the bride’s family was worried.

The wedding procession arrived by boat

As there was no road, the groom Raghavram left by boat with a DJ, musical instruments and barati to take the bride. He reached the girl’s village with a boat procession to get married. Crowds of villagers gathered to see the bridegroom in the boat. All the villagers and children had gathered at the spot and there was a lot of discussion about the wedding procession that had left the area by boat. His video is also now going viral on social media.

Dozens of villages surrounded by the waters of Sarayu River

The water level of Sarayu river is 47 cm above the danger mark of 106.70. However, the water level has been decreasing since Tuesday night. Four lakh thirty thousand cusecs of water was released from Girja and Sharda Barrage in Nepal on Tuesday. Due to which the Sarayu river assumed a fierce form. Hundreds of villages including foothill villages Koyali Purva, Parvatpur, Gaighat, Saktapur, Durgapur, Lahdra, Jagarup Purva, Tiwari Purva, Chaubhuji Purva and Budhai are surrounded by water. Dozens of houses adjacent to the river in Jamka, Khujji, Sundar Nagar, Batnera, Tapesipah, Korinpurwa, Seesaunda and Parsadi Purwa have been flooded. People here have built their shelters in safe places.

Village roads were submerged in water

Village roads are also completely submerged in water. The shack-like houses of Mallahan Purva are flooded. Ramnarayan and Jugalkishore here say that water has entered the houses. Crops grown in fields, kundru, parval and paddy nurseries have become waterlogged. The main road of Durgapur village is flooded. Villagers and school children also pass through this route. Sobhai, a farmer here, says that his mentha crop was ready in the field. Drowned in water due to flash flood.

However, the district administration is keeping a close eye on the flood-affected areas. Revenue personnel are engaged in relief and rescue operations. Villages whose houses were inundated by flood water were resettled on the dam. Electricity, health, food and water etc. have been arranged for everyone.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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