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Vijay Vadetiwar’s eyes water, Manoj Jarange’s mark

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Vijay Vadetiwar’s eyes water, Manoj Jarange’s mark

Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly Vijay Vadettiwar today visited the foster home of Jawun OBC community leaders Laxman Hake and Navnath Waghmare in Jalanyathil Vadigodari village. At this time, Vijay Vadetiwar’s eyes started to water. For the last eight days the feeding of the hake and tiger has started. Seeing his condition, Vijay Vadetiwar’s eyes widened. But the main point is that Maratha leader Manoj Jarange Patil has targeted Vijay Vadettiwar. “The Marathas have lost many children. Only that opposition leader’s eyes did not water and today he did. Changlam Ahe”, said Manoj Jarang of the group.

“BJP minister Chandrakant Patil said there is no need to implement the suggestions. But the government should take note of what we are saying. I tell you simply. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Minister Shabhuraj Desai sir, the explanation given by us is acceptable and should be implemented as per your suggestions. Chandrakant Dada says, don’t do that. Otherwise I will be cheated, don’t do this. Regarding Rishi Sore’s explanation, things have been discussed with the delegation that came last time, and he comes again to cheat”, said Manoj Jarang.

‘Comes the cheater?’

“Please give me this pure water. Wrong execution should not be tolerated. Do not expel us. There will be a dozen secretaries in Mumbai. We have written an explanation dated It would have been Sumit Bhange and Kesarkar. “Are you betraying me?”, asked Manoj Jarang. “Sarasakt Kunbi, this is my demand and this is my demand. Something is being discovered in the middle, will there be no entry or will the Marathas get reservation? tell me. Please implement it. By now I would have said, I would have given like you. Chandrakant Patil comes and takes a different press, Minister Girish Mahajan plays a different role”, said Asan Jarang.

Manoj Jarange’s big gesture from the government

“Have faith in everyone until July 13th. Bagu after that. Throwing my whole life in reserve means throwing away. Let the Maratha leaders feel ashamed. There is no reservation for your car. See how much they fight for lack of reserves. Assembly summoned you. How much do you need Marathas? We believe. Agitators are not your opponents. He has no opposition. Mulinch said he will pursue post-graduate education. Don’t do it, they don’t want to do it. The Marathas want to feed them. Reservation not exceeding 10 percent is not allowed. That is why we need my explanation. You are not acceptable. We will be angry after 14th July, what should we do? A 10 percent reserve will not last. The reservation must be within 50 percent, otherwise it will not last. You understand that your program should be canceled on the 13th day of harvest”, Manoj Jarange Patil gave such a big gesture to the government.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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