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Video: New babas are making a splash in the market, they get rid of addiction with guarantee, but you have to trust the treatment…

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The world is destroyed due to addiction. Therefore, slogans like “Don’t touch the bottle of alcohol, it destroys the world” have been given under the Darumukti Abhiyan. But the market for treating alcohol addiction is also very big. Such de-addiction centers are full of alcoholics wallowing in sewers. Some people are trying to get rid of alcohol addiction by doing psychotherapy in a scientific way. But at least in some such states, prohibition law is in force. Still, flood of alcohol is coming to this state from neighboring states. There is prohibition in some villages. Whereas Taliram gives free access to alcohol from neighboring villages. You must have also seen advertisements on the walls of public toilets saying ‘Get rid of alcohol in 24 hours without telling’. But now a new Baba has come in the market to tell the practicality of prohibition. His video has gone viral on social media.

Currently, a video has gone viral on social media in Jalgaon. In this video, it is seen that a devotee is sitting in the court of a Baba. Baba gave Prasad in his unique style to a drunkard who had come to him to get rid of alcoholism. This Prasad is the words from Baba’s mouth and the blessing given by his hands which are seen by the youth immersed in devotion. Baba has given a good slap to his foolish devotees.

Watch the video here-

Baba’s Prasad

In this viral video, a drunkard sits in the court of Baba to get rid of alcohol. Baba is seen protecting the young man’s father very well. In the video, the father is seen beating the drunkard. But the devotee is so fed up with his drinking habit and is repenting that even after getting so many beatings, he is hitting Baba on his back and saying punish me again. Ultimately, in the video, the relative of this drunkard is seen taking pity. He is seen trying to take the drunkard away from Baba. It is not clear where this video is from. No, but it is going viral on social media.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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