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Uttarakhand’s forests are burning again, after Almora, fierce fire breaks out in Haldwani; Delhi Highway Off

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Fires in the forests of Uttarakhand

The extreme heat across the country has become a disaster for the mountain and forest wealth. First in Uttarakhand, then in Himachal, Almora and now in Haldwani forests, panic has spread with the news of fierce fires. There have been reports of fires in the hills for the past several days, meanwhile the Tanda forests of Haldwani have also caught fire. The fire has become so large that the police and administration have closed the Delhi highway for safety reasons.

Tourists coming and going from Delhi as well as common people are being sent to Haldwani and Nainital via Pantnagar via Lalkuan. The entire case is in the Tanda and Bhakhra ranges, where forest fires have been burning since 2 pm. The fire is gradually getting bigger due to which the administration has started efforts to extinguish the fire.

Efforts to douse the fire are on

As soon as the information about the fire was received, all the officials of the forest department have reached the forest and work is being done to extinguish the fire. The fire brigade has also been called. A team of fire brigade along with forest department personnel is engaged in extinguishing the fire. Due to heavy fog nothing is clearly visible around. All forest department officials are currently inside the forest to douse the forest fire and could not be contacted. It is currently expected that it may take more time to fully extinguish the fire.

Extinguishing forest fires is not easy

Extinguishing forest fires is not an easy task. Hill forests are very fragile. Many times pilgrims coming and going here forget to burn flammable materials, which ignite after coming in contact with air and take the form of devastating fires. Apart from this, fire also becomes serious in summer due to friction between trees. A large amount of forest wealth has been destroyed due to these fires in the hills. In some areas, fires also occur due to the mistakes of local people. Due to the dryness of the forest, the fire grows and slowly spreads over several kilometers and hectares.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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