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UP: Woman’s foot slips in lake, 8 girls jump in to save her… 4 die

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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8 children and a woman drowned in the lake

A major accident took place at the Yamuna Expressway interchange near Khandauli Police Station in Agra. Eight children and a woman drowned in a lake near the expressway interchange here. All were rescued with the help of divers and sent to hospital. According to the information, 4 children including a woman were rescued safely while four girls died tragically.

According to the information received from the police, only 4-5 days ago, the people of Kanpur Dehat had camped on the vacant land near the water harvesting plant pond near the Yamuna Expressway interchange. Many trees have been planted around the lake but due to the rains of the last two days there was a lot of water in it. A woman from the family of the people living here came here to collect firewood and along with her were 8 girls.

The woman’s foot slipped

Suddenly the woman’s foot slipped and she fell into the lake. To save him, the girls also entered the lake and started drowning due to the depth of the water. The girls who died in the accident have been identified as Hardil, Neha, Anuradha and Shalini. The rainwater harvesting pond built by the Yamuna Expressway Authority had no barricading for safety. Hearing everyone’s shouts, police, home guards and people gathered there. Home guard Mukesh Chauhan and two people who reached there immediately jumped into the lake and pulled out the woman and 4 children safely, but the condition of the 4 girls was extremely critical, one of whom died on the spot while the rest died. She was immediately told by S.N.

The girls jumped into the water to save them

Khandauli police station in-charge inspector Rakesh Chauhan said the incident took place around 10.30 am when he received news that a woman and eight girls had drowned in a pond constructed by the authority for water harvesting near Yamuna Expressway Khandauli. There is an interchange. They immediately reached the spot for rescue. All together immediately pulled them out of the lake, out of which a woman and four girls were saved, but the condition of the four girls worsened and they were sent to the hospital where they died. The age of the four girls who drowned in the lake is between 11 and 12 years.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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