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UP: Now Akhilesh Yadav’s entry in the job neglect controversy, made a big claim

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Samajwadi Party chief and MP Akhilesh Yadav

As soon as Akhilesh Yadav got a chance, the Samajwadi Party president hit him on the spot. It is all a game of time and chance in politics. After the Lok Sabha elections, Akhilesh Yadav’s time is going well. On the other hand, the NDA camp also gave him a good chance. These days there is an uproar in UP’s NDA camp over reservation. The issue is about reservation of OBC and SC quota people in government jobs. BJP’s allies have been accusing the Yogi government of ignoring reservations. Now Akhilesh Yadav has also jumped into this controversy.

After hoisting the flag in the Lok Sabha elections, Akhilesh Yadav’s morale is at its peak. He feels that the PDA formula can bring him back to power in UP. That is why they want to maintain the effect of this hit formula. Anupriya Patel’s letter followed by Sanjay Nishad’s statement has assigned the issue to him. Hence they have come on the agenda against the Yogi government with full strength.

Alleged discrimination against PDA families

He said that ever since the BJP came to power in the government of Delhi and UP, the PDA family is being discriminated against. Akhilesh Yadav said that the government is constantly playing with the reservation of people belonging to PDA, Bahujan Samaj, minority, backward or downtrodden communities, who were able to lead a better life because of reservation.

Coincidentally, Anupriya Patel wrote the same allegations as Akhilesh Yadav in the letter. In a letter to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, he alleged that the OBC and SC quota in jobs should be changed to the general category. He said that jobs for backward classes and dalits are given to general class on the pretext of getting qualified candidates.

Anupriya Patel alleged neglect

Anupriya Patel alleged that this is being done in the jobs that get after the interview. A reply to his letter has also come from the UP government. The government’s letter has rejected all the allegations made by Anupriya. Anupriya Patel is a minister of state in the Modi government. He is the president of his party. Apna Dal has been in NDA for the past eleven years. In an agreement with the BJP, his party got two Lok Sabha seats. The party has lost one seat in this election.

This time in the Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s seats in UP have decreased by 29 seats. It is being said that a large chunk of backward and Dalit voters have shifted to India Alliance. Apna Dal represents the Kurmi electorate in UP. This time Akhilesh Yadav became the first choice of Kurmi voters. Now Apna Dal is trying to save its vote base.

Sanjay Nishad also broke his silence on reservation

Now this concern belongs to Sanjay Nishad. He is the president of Nishad Party and a minister in the Yogi government. He says that when Yogiji was an MP, he used to say that Nishad should get reservation in SC quota. Now he is the chief minister but this matter is not even discussed. Sanjay Nishad wants that there should be provision of reservation even in contractual jobs. The Samajwadi Party camp is upset with the attack on the BJP by NDA constituents over reservation. As if his wish had been fulfilled.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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