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UP: New railway bridge washed away before opening, track suspended in air, train to run after two days-Video

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A hanging railway track after the bridge was washed away.

After a series of bridge collapses in Bihar, now a new railway bridge in Uttar Pradesh was washed away by the raging river, leaving the railway tracks hanging from one side to the other. This railway bridge was built after gauge conversion in Pilibhit district of the state. Two days ago, the Railway Board allowed two passenger trains to run on this route. The bridge collapsed before the train could run.

Due to heavy rains in the hills, flooding in the plains has now started to take a severe form. The situation is worsening due to floods in Pilibhit of UP. After more than 4 lakh cusecs of water was released from the Bambasa barrage in the district, villages on the banks of the Sharda river have been submerged. Highways, roads and link roads have been washed away at many places in the district due to rise in river water level.

The bridge was washed away, the tracks hung

Due to rising water level of Sharda river, a newly constructed bridge on Pilibhit-Mainali-Lucknow railway line located at Sandai village of the district was washed away. The strong flow of the river had washed away the structure of the bridge. Railway tracks are swinging in the air. Till now there was no passenger train on the Pilibhit Mailani railway line. There was little gauge conversion on this line for three years. After the completion of the work, the Railway Board allowed two passenger trains to run on this route two days ago.

Villagers are migrating

People are migrating due to flood situation in the district. People from dozens of villages including Nahrosa, Tatarganj across the Sharda river are leaving their homes and moving to other places. Many people are sitting on their roofs to avoid flooding as their houses are flooded. The condition of the riverside villages is getting worse. Roads, bridges and culverts have been washed away in the runoff, leaving many villages disconnected from the district headquarters.

Turn off the power supply

Besides most of the villages in the district, flood waters have entered the government offices and power houses. Several feet of water is flowing here. Electricity supply has also been disrupted in large parts of the district due to water seeping into the power house. Due to the flood situation, the condition of the common people is becoming dire and the crop of the farmers is in dire straits.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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