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UP: ‘I’m trash…God forbid such a mother’, angry student shoots himself after complaining to father

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Nowadays children have become very fragile. Often children get so upset over small things that they take a big step like suicide and parents are left wondering what happened and what was their mistake. Has scolding one’s children become such a big crime? One such case has come to light from UP’s Meerut, where a Canadian-based father reprimanded his son for using the phone and the son committed suicide. The son shot himself.

In Meerut, hurt by his father’s scolding, the son committed suicide by shooting himself. The case was straightforward that the mother of the deceased had complained to the father about her son’s use of the phone. This hurt 14-year-old Angad Rathi so much that he wrote a suicide note and shot himself. In the suicide note, deceased Angad has written that father scolded me for using mobile phone. Dad, don’t give me the mobile. You tell me to use mom’s mobile, but don’t give me a bullet. Even old bikes are not modified. Family members don’t love me, so I’m leaving.

Angad was studying in 10th standard

The incident took place in Ramraj village of Bahsuma police station area of ​​Meerut. Angad, the elder son of businessman Nitin Chaudhary, was studying in 10th standard here. On Tuesday, his father called and scolded Angad for not using the phone and not studying, which angered Angad to take this step. Both sons Angad, Rudra and mother Pooja were at home at night. Mother was working at home. Rudra, a 10-year-old boy, was playing outside. While studying in his room, Angad took out a revolver from the cupboard, placed it on his temple and shot himself. Hearing the sound of firing, the mother reached the room and found her son lying on the bed covered in blood. When Pooja informed the other members of the family, there was chaos in the house. The family rushed him to the hospital, where doctors declared Angad brought dead.

‘God forbid a mother like me’

Deceased Angad has written in his suicide note that now no one will bother you or bother you. Now you be happy, now you have nothing to do with me, till today I have not been given a motorcycle. Forget getting a bike, they didn’t even repair the old bullet. Deceased Angad further wrote in the suicide note that, and yes papa, you were saying how people who don’t have phones study, no matter how much they study, we have phones. The phone is for mom only. I’m junk in this house. I’m sheep-faced, shameless, god forbid anyone have a mother like me, bye. Deceased Angad’s grandfather said that Angad’s friends told him that his father was rich but they would not give him a bike. Nana said that Angad was disappointed not to find the bullet.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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