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UP: Forcefully taken from home to police station subjected to third degree torture… 4 suspended including in-charge of post

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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In Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur, some UP Police officers and constables put Khaki to shame. It is alleged that the policemen forcibly took the youth to the police station. Here he was brutally beaten. Apart from this, 10,000 rupees were also seized from him. Not only this, another 40 thousand rupees was demanded from the young man. Troubled by this harassment, the youth complained to the SSP. The SSP has registered a case against four policemen including the in-charge of the post and suspended the policemen.

Vinay Sharma, a resident of Rudrapur village in AIIMS police station area, told the SSP that a business was going on between his younger brother Ajit Sharma and a youth resident of Kubersthan village in Kushinagar. Meanwhile, something got stuck between the two regarding the transaction of money. However, my brother tried hard to resolve it, but the matter could not be resolved. Meanwhile, the youth of Kushinagar filed a complaint in Jagdishpur police station.

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According to Vinay Sharma, the police reached my house on May 30 and started questioning my brother. My brother was not at home at that time. He was out due to work. I told the police that he would come by late evening. In the meantime Ramesh Kushwaha, constable Amit Yadav and Ajay Chauhan, in charge of the outpost, forced me into the car, although I had nothing to do with the matter. They took me to the police station and locked me in a room. First of all, through a broker, they started asking me to release 50,000 rupees. When I expressed my insistence, they kept me locked up in the post till late at night.

Vinay Sharma said that at around 12.00 in the night the post in-charge and two constables started beating me brutally. I started screaming. During this time I agreed to give money to save my life. I had no money. I somehow managed and brought ₹ 10,000 from home at night and gave it. I was asked to pay the balance later, only then my life was saved. My condition was very bad. 40,000 bribe arrears were frequently called by the post people. They used to send brokers to my house. I had no money. My family members admitted me to AIIMS, where doctors said that apart from my body, I had serious head injuries. I have all the reports, now my health has improved a bit.

Taking the matter seriously, the SSP immediately handed over the investigation to CO Cantt Anshika Verma. Today, after receiving their report, the AIIMS police station registered a case under sections of assault, extortion and corruption against outpost in-charge Ramesh Kushwaha, constables Amit Yadav, Ajay Chauhan and a broker. Also the accused policemen have been suspended.

In this regard, SSP Gaurav Grover said that a case has been registered against two in-charge constables and a broker for taking a youth to Jagdish police station, beating him up and leaving with money. The accused policemen have been suspended.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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