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UP defeat sparks political heat in BJP, Sanjeev Balyan upset over Sangeet Som allegations, writes to Amit Shah, demands CBI probe

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Sanjeev Balian.

After the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has begun to struggle. A series of accusation-counter-attacks has started between the party leaders in UP. BJP leader and former Union Minister Sanjiv Balyan has written to Union Home Minister Amit Shah demanding a CBI probe into the allegations leveled against him. Sanjeev Balyan has demanded an impartial probe from the Union Home Minister citing allegations leveled against him by former BJP MLA Sangeet Som. Sanjeev Balian has also spoken of exposing the faces of the conspirators behind these allegations.

No one’s name was written in the letter to Balyan. But Sangeet Som made several serious allegations against Balian in the press conference. Allegations ranged from land grabbing to corruption. Sanjeev Balyan, who has been MP from Muzaffarnagar for two consecutive terms, lost the election this time. He stated that Sangeet Som had supported the Samajwadi Party in the election against him.

Sangeet Som was MLA from Saradhana assembly seat in Muzaffarnagar but lost the last election. Between these two leaders in western UP, the battle between Rajput and Jat community has started. Balyan wrote a letter to Amit Shah on June 19.

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Sanjeev Balyan has written to Shah and made this demand
Sanjeev Balyan

Sanjeev Balyan began his letter by congratulating PM Narendra Modi on being elected PM of the world’s largest democracy for the third consecutive term. He attributed the victory to the prime minister’s ideals, his integrity to cultural and social values, his dedication to the upliftment of the exploited classes and mothers and sisters. Along with this, he expressed his gratitude for supporting him in this great journey of development.

Sanjeev Balyan has said in a letter to Amit Shah that recently an important thing has come to light through the media. A letter written by a former West Uttar Pradesh MLA on the issue of infiltration has been given to journalists. In this letter, baseless allegations of being involved in corruption have been made against him. He denies all the allegations leveled against him.

Sanjeev Balyan upset with former MLA’s allegations

Sanjeev Balyan letter

He has written that he has been a minister in both the previous governments of the Prime Minister. Therefore, it is his responsibility to impartially investigate such allegations leveled against him. Sanjeev Balian wrote that he demanded an inquiry into all allegations by the CBI or a higher body.

In a letter to the Home Minister, Sanjeev Balian said that you know that he has been representing the Muzaffarnagar area of ​​western Uttar Pradesh for the last 10 years. Where before 2014 newspapers were full of news of looting, extortion, kidnapping, extortion, murder etc. Passengers were also afraid to stop their trains between Meerut and Roorkee after evening hours. There, the Prime Minister’s mantra of development has inspired him to take the dreaded Muzaffarnagar towards development.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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