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Unnao: When the wife went to her maternal uncle’s house, the husband set himself on fire, badly burning his hands and feet; The situation is serious

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The husband set himself on fire

In UP’s Unnao district, a husband, upset after his wife did not come from her parents’ house, poured inflammable substance on himself and set himself on fire. Seeing the husband burning, the family put out the fire and he was admitted to the CHC. Seeing his serious condition, he has been referred to the district hospital. The youth’s hands and feet were badly burnt due to the fire. The condition of the young man is critical.

Deepak, a resident of Madarnagar village in Bangarmau police station area of ​​Unnao, got married to Chandni, a resident of Takia Nigohi village in the same area, seven years ago. It is being told that the wife was staying at her maternal uncle’s house and was not coming to her father-in-law, due to which the husband Deepak got angry and set himself on fire by pouring inflammable substance on himself late on Wednesday evening. Chandni’s wife was troubled by the young man’s drinking habit.

Wife was suffering from alcohol addiction

Fed up with the habit of drinking alcohol, the wife left her husband and lived at her parents’ house. Seeing the young man burning in flames, family members and neighbors quickly doused the fire and admitted him to the CHC, from where he was referred to the district hospital for further treatment in a critical condition. His condition here is critical. As the wife does not come to the father-in-law, there are various discussions among the villagers.

When his wife did not return, he set himself on fire.

According to the details received from the police, on the evening of June 5, Deepak was talking to someone on the phone and an argument ensued and after the call was disconnected, the youth poured inflammable substance on himself and set himself on fire. Due to which the hands and feet of the youth were burnt. The family admitted the young man to Bangarmau CHC for treatment, but seeing the serious condition of the young man, the doctors referred him to the district hospital for better treatment.

No complaints received

According to the police, Deepak’s wife Chandni currently resides in Delhi and was upset with Deepak’s drinking habit due to which she left him and Deepak was trying to bring back his wife. Also CO Arvind Chaurasia said that till now the police has not received any complaint from the victim. If the family complains, action will be taken accordingly.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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