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Uncle Putnayat Diljamai? Ajit Pawar’s comment, Rohit Pawar’s banana flip

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Tu tu mein mein between BJP and Ajit Pawar’s Nationalist Congress has started in the state due to the result of 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader Ratan Sharda’s lessons were read by some BJP MLAs who remarked that if Ajit Pawar cooperated with him, there would be bad consequences for him. Similarly, Shiv Sena Shinde Gadchay Vardhapan Dinchay Melawayat leader Ramdas Kadam expressed his displeasure by saying ‘te ushira ale aaste tari chale aaste’. Or the allegations have created a picture of Ajitdada being isolated in the ruling party. However, Sharad Pawar’s Gatta MLA and Ajitdada’s grandson Rohit Pawar has responded to Ajitdada’s allegations.

MLA Rohit Pawar of Sharad Pawar group, who always criticizes Ajit Pawar, has tweeted. Ajitdada is part of Eknath Shinde and BJP government. But, BJP has made Ajit Pawar a scapegoat. BJP leader Ajit Pawar is not responsible. BJP is trying to fight the tricolor battle in the state. This is the opinion of BJP leaders and they have said that such a fight will be beneficial.

Sharad Pawar’s senior leader Jeetendra Awad has learned lessons from Rohit Pawar, blaming the BJP leader for the poor performance of the NDA. BJP raised the issue of changing the constitution. Due to this, the atmosphere between Dalits and other communities was created. BJP termed minorities as anti-social. Dalit and minority communities are united against BJP. However, the BJP did not budge and ultimately suffered losses. Awadh said BJP’s defeated Ajit Pawar played a complementary role.

Ajit Pawar threatens to go a different way

RSS related magazines have said that BJP and RSS have made the situation worse by supporting Ajit Pawar. After the election, Ajit Pawar started raising his voice when the BJP did not meet Shinde. Only, Ajit Pawar, Gatta MLA and spokesperson Amol Mitkari have given a clear signal to the BJP. We should stop targeting Ajit Pawar otherwise we may consider taking a different role. Meanwhile, Sadachari Patil leader Rupali Patil has lashed out at BJP leaders for maligning the NDA.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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