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Ujjain: Called friend’s girlfriend and talked about love… Enraged friend cut off her private part

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A friend cut off a friend’s penis

A touching case has come to light from Mahidpur Police Station area of ​​Ujjain. There was such enmity between two special friends that one friend cut off the private part of the other. And what is the cause of this discord…? the girl A romantic talk with his girlfriend led to a quarrel between the two in which one friend in a fit of anger attacked the other with a stick and a knife, injuring him severely and also cutting his private part. As soon as the information about the matter was received, the Mahidharpur police station immediately took the injured to the hospital and registered a case against the accused under various sections and arrested him.

Giving information about the entire matter, Additional SP Nitesh Bhargava said that Ankit, a resident of Byawar, Rajasthan, and Bherulal, a resident of Nagda, work in the same company and both are close friends. The two share a close friendship, but an argument ensued over the issue of calling his girlfriend, in which Bherulal attacked Ankit with a stick and a knife and then cut off his genitals. SP Bhargava further said that both of them are working as contractors in the power plant company.

Ankit was talking to his girlfriend

According to the information, both the friends were coming from Susner in a pickup. Ankit then jokingly called Bherulal’s girlfriend. Everything was fine until the phone was connected, but when Ankit started talking fondly to Bherulal’s girlfriend, Bherulal asked him not to do so, to which he did not agree. First, there was an argument between the two in the moving vehicle and then when Ankit stopped the vehicle near Chorwas Badla village, Bherulal came there with a stick and a knife in his hand. Here again in a fight with Ankit, he smashed his head with an iron rod and cut his private part with a knife. Inspector Rajveer Singh Gurjar of Mahidharpur Police Station said that the injured Ankit has been admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. Accused Bherulal has been traced and arrested.

A crime was registered after taking the statement

In this case, Mahidharpur Police Station first reached Mahidharpur Hospital and took the statement of injured Ankit and then registered a case against accused Bherulal under various sections and arrested him. As Ankit’s health deteriorated, he was immediately referred to Ujjain District Hospital where he is undergoing treatment. During the interrogation, information has also surfaced that Ankit was preventing Bherulal from meeting his girlfriend. Bherulal felt very bad about this.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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