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Tv9 Marathi Special Report: Meeting of Ajitdada and Prakash Ambedkar, watch video

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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If Ajit Pawar and Prakash Ambedkar come together, a different picture will be seen in the state. Such a big statement has been given by Ajitdada Group spokesperson Amol Mitkari. Did Shinde and BJP not like Ajit Dada? Mitkari expressed the sentiment that when these discussions are going on, Ajit Pawar and Ambedkar should come together. The important thing is that Ajit Dada should first leave BJP and get out of power. After this Vanchit replied that discussions are possible.

Despite the support of Shinde and BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha, Ajit Dad’s NCP could not achieve the expected maximum. At the same time, the vote percentage of Vanchit Aghadi has also decreased this year compared to 2019. The opposition claims that in 2019, due to the division of votes of the Vanchit, BJP won 9 seats in the Lok Sabha. But this year the division of votes did not affect Maviya. Therefore, if a third front is formed in Maharashtra with Ajit Dada’s Maha Utti on one side, Maha Vikas Aghadi on the other and Ajit Dada’s NCP with Vanchit Aghadi on the third side, then who will benefit and who will suffer?

watch the video:-

Ajit Pawar’s group had brainstormed on why the traditional views have diverged. So, is Ajit Pawar’s group really looking for any other option to add the lost votes, or is it just a pressure tactic to share seats in the Grand Alliance? This is not clear yet. Because the leaders have maintained silence and various discussions have taken place many times before the statements of the spokespersons.

For example, NCP spokesperson Amol Mitkari is adopting an aggressive stance against the BJP. On the other hand, his own leaders call Amol Mitkari as Taqid Devu. On one hand, the spokesperson of the Shinde faction says that it is inappropriate to demand seats in public. On the other hand, his own leader Ramdas Kadam is demanding 100 seats from a public platform. Mitkari said that Vanchit and Ajitdad should come together, this is not the opinion of the party but his personal opinion. But whether such an important opinion is expressed without asking the party elites… this is an open question… because after the results, Mitkari was given a warning by his own leaders thrice. But senior leaders keep warning me. Without naming the Shinde faction and the BJP, Amol Mitkari said, ‘I have also heard, but if anyone comes and speaks against Ajit Pawar, it will not be tolerated.’

There were 32 seats in the 2019 assembly elections where the third-placed candidate was a factor. Notably, the NCP lost some seats by a narrow margin. BJP’s Rahul won by a total of 746 votes from Daund assembly constituency… NCP lost. Vanchit got 2,633 votes here. Khadakvasla assembly constituency… BJP’s Bhimrao Tapkir defeated NCP by 2595 votes… Vanchit got 5931 votes.

In Ulhasnagar Assembly, BJP won by just 1946 votes against NCP. Vanchit got 5 thousand 677 votes here. Chalisgaon Assembly. BJP defeated NCP by 3 thousand 998 votes. Vanchit got 38 thousand 361 votes here. Akola West Assembly. BJP candidate won by 2838 votes against NCP. Vanchit got more than 20 thousand votes.

In Jintur assembly, BJP defeated NCP by 3549 votes. Vanchit got 13 thousand 107 votes. In Paithan assembly, Shiv Sena defeated NCP candidate by 14 thousand votes… Vanchit got 20 thousand 564 votes here. Currently, after the debate over a statement of Mitkari, Mitkari has claimed that his statement has been presented in a distorted manner.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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