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TV9 Marathi Special Report: Baramati Lok Sabha won by Mavia, know the mathematics of six assembly constituencies

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Baramati Lok Sabha comprises 6 assembly constituencies, namely Daund, Indapur, Baramati, Purandar, Bhor and Khadakvasla. Rahul Koul is the MLA from Daund, Dattatraya Bharane of Ajitdada faction from Indapur, Ajit Pawar from Baramati, Sanjay Jagtap of Congress from Purandar, Sangram Thopte of Congress from Bhor and Bhimrao Tapkir of BJP from Khadakvaslaya.

According to the assembly constituencies, the Mahagathbandhan had an upper hand in the Lok Sabha. Sunetra Pawar had 4 constituencies in her favour – Daund, Indapur, Baramati, Khadakvasla. While Supriya Sule was an MLA from Purandar and Bhor. However, Supriya Sule got 7 lakh 32 thousand 312 votes and Sunetra Pawar got 5 lakh 73 thousand 979 votes. Sule won by 1 lakh 58 thousand 333 votes.

In the 2019 elections, 12 lakh 99 thousand 242 votes were cast in Baramati Lok Sabha, the percentage was 61.44%. This year 14 lakh 12 thousand 349 votes were cast, but due to less voting compared to the increased number of voters, the percentage remained only 59.50. In 2019, Sule got 6 lakh 83 thousand 705 votes and 52.94% voting percentage. Opposition BJP candidate Kanchan Kul got 5 lakh 28 thousand 711 votes, i.e. 40.94% votes.

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This year Sule got 7 lakh 32 thousand 312 votes and got 51.85% votes. Sunetra Pawar got 5 lakh 73 thousand 979 votes and got 40.64% votes. Compared to 2019, this year Sule got 48 thousand 607 votes, while the percentage of votes decreased by 1.1 percent. Sunetra Pawar got 45 thousand 268 more votes than last time, but the percentage decreased by 0.30 percent.

In 2019, Sule got a lead of 19 thousand, Purandara 9 thousand 600, Indapur 70 thousand, Baramati 1 lakh 27 thousand. While BJP’s Kanchan Kul got a lead of 7 thousand 53 in Daund and 65 thousand in Khadakvasal. In 2024, Sule got 43 thousand 805 votes in Bhor, 35 thousand 281 in Purandar, 25 thousand 951 in Indapur, 47 thousand 381 in Baramati, 26 thousand 337 in Daund. In the only Khadakvasal, Sunetra Pawar got a lead of 20 thousand 746 votes.

In 2019, BJP contested 4 seats and Shiv Sena 2 seats in Baramati 6 assembly. NCP contested 4 seats and Congress 2 seats. After the results, BJP got 2 seats, Shiv Sena zero lead, NCP 2 seats and Congress 2 seats. There was a close contest on 3 seats in the 2019 assembly. BJP’s Rahul won from Daund by a total of 746 votes. Vanchit got 2 thousand 633 votes here. In Indapur, NCP’s Dattatraya Bharne won by 3 thousand 110 votes from BJP’s Harshvardhan Patal. BJP’s Bhimrao Tapkir won by just 2595 votes in Khadakvasla. Vanchit got 5931 votes here.

If we take a look at the names of the possible candidates and contenders in the 6 assembly constituencies of Baramati Lok Sabha this year, then Yugendra Pawar’s name is being discussed after Ajit Pawar from Mahauti in Baramati. Kiran Dagde, Jeevan Konde, Kuldeep Konde of BJP from Shinde faction are interested in the Mahagathbandhan in Bhor. Meanwhile, Sangram Thopte of Congress will be the candidate in Daund, Rahul Kul of BJP, Vasudev Kale of BJP, Ramesh Thorat of Ajitdada are interested in the race. Recently, the names of Appasaheb Pawar and Namdev Takwan from Sharad Pawar faction are in discussion.

Vijay Shivtare of Shinde group, Ashok Tekvade of BJP, Baba Jadhav Rao of Mahayuti are interested in Purandara. Sanjay Jagtap’s candidature from Maviya is strong. In Indapur, Ajitdada group’s contribution to the grand alliance, while the name of Harshvardhan Patal from BJP can be in discussion. Appasaheb Jagdal’s name is coming forward from Sharad Pawar group. In Khadakvasal, the names of Bhimrao Tapkir of BJP, Sachin Dodke of Ajitdada group, Rupali Chakankar are being taken, but there is no discussion of anyone from Maviya’s side yet.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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