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Trumpet vs Trumpet Man, Chinha ambushes Sharad Pawar faction candidates

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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It is being said that the analogy of the trumpeter and the horn player has shocked the Sharad Pawar faction. The bigwigs broke away from the party and took away the party’s name and clock symbol along with it. However, 8 out of 10 MPs of Sharad Pawar’s NCP were elected. His winning strike rate was also the highest in Maharashtra at 80. Sharad Pawar got the trumpeter symbol after Ajitdada got the clock symbol. But 9 out of 10 Sharad Pawar candidates were standing against independent candidates with only “Tutari” symbol. This reportedly confused the voters. The lead in many seats reduced and due to this confusion, Shashikant Shinde had to face defeat in Satara.

Babu Bhagre lives in Gangawadi, Nashik. His profession is fishing. He has secured the highest number of votes in the state as an independent candidate in Dindori Lok Sabha. According to the EVM pattern, the number 1 candidate in Dindori Lok Sabha was Bhaskar Bhagre of Sharad Pawar group, whose election symbol was a man blowing a trumpet. The second candidate was Bharti Pawar of BJP – symbol lotus, the third candidate was Babu Bhagre – symbol hota tutari.

Bhaskar Bhagre of Sharad Pawar faction won by 1 lakh 13 thousand 199 votes. But Babu Bhagre also got 1 lakh 3 thousand 632 votes. The surprising thing is that Sharad Pawar’s candidate Bhaskar Bhagre is a teacher by profession and is known as Bhaskar Bhagre Guruji or Sir. But on the EVM machine, the name of independent Babu Bhagre was written as Sir. Actually, Babu Bhagre has studied till third class. Bhaskar Bhagre also objected to this but Babu Bhagre claims that people are calling him Sir.

On the other hand, Babu Bhagre also miraculously disappeared after the verdict. Did Babu Bhagre go out of reach so that the media does not bother him with unnecessary questions? Whether he contested the election himself or was he disqualified, such discussions are going on in Dindori Lok Sabha.

Apart from this, Shashikant Shinde was the candidate of Sharad Pawar faction from Satara Lok Sabha. The symbol was of a man blowing a trumpet. He lost by 32 thousand 771 votes. Here, the election symbol of independent Sanjay Gade was trumpet. He got 37 thousand 62 votes.

In Nagar Lok Sabha, the election symbol of Sharad Pawar faction’s Nilesh Lanka was a man blowing a trumpet and he won by 28 thousand 929 votes. Here Goraksh Alekar contested as an independent candidate, his election symbol was Tutari. 24 thousand 625 votes were cast.

Balyama was the candidate from Bhiwandi Lok Sabha. Symbol was Trumpet Man. He won by 66 thousand 121 votes. Here independent Kanchan Wakhare contested., sign was Tutari…got 24 thousand 625 votes.

Shriram Patil was the candidate from Raver Lok Sabha, the person playing the trumpet. Here Eknath Salunkhe lost by 2 lakh 72 thousand. Sign the trumpet. 43 thousand 982 votes were cast.

In Madha, brave Mohit of Sharad Pawar group was standing. His election symbol was a man blowing a trumpet…he won 1 lakh 20 thousand votes. Against him, independent candidate Ramchandra Ghutu was standing. His election symbol was a trumpet…58 thousand 421 votes were cast.

Bajrang Sonawane was the candidate in Beed. The signal was of a man blowing a trumpet. Sonawane won by a margin of 6,500 votes. Here an independent candidate named Ashok Thorat contested on the Tutari symbol. 54,850 votes were cast.

According to the allegations of Maviya activists, posters of independent candidate Bajrang Sonavane with trumpet symbol were distributed in some Muslim areas of Beed. It is claimed that a lot of votes were lost due to this. According to this Facebook post, it has a photo of Bajrang Sonavane and next to him is the trumpet symbol of independent candidate Ashok Thorat.

According to the EVM structure in Beed Lok Sabha, Pankaja Munde, Chinna Kamal came first. Bajrang Sonawane is in second place. Pratik Trumpet Man. Siddharth Tankar-Chinna Hatti came third and Ashok Thorat-Chinna Tutari came fourth

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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