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Traveling in Mumbai will be expensive, know how much the taxi fare will increase

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Rent may go up in MumbaiImage credit source: Pixabay

Mahanagar Gas Limited has increased the prices of CNG and PNG in Mumbai. The price of one kg of CNG has been increased by one and a half rupees. After the increase in the prices of CNG and PNG, now the auto rickshaw union is also demanding an increase in fares. A decision on this may also be taken by the taxi union soon. Now there is a demand to increase the fare by 2 rupees per kilometer. As the fare has been demanded to be increased from Rs 15.33 to Rs 16.99.

Auto rickshaw drivers are facing a loss of Rs 150 per day due to the increase in CNG and PNG prices. Due to which they have to suffer huge loss every day. The taxi union says that the basic fare should be increased from Rs 28 to Rs 30 after the increase in CNG and PNG prices.

How did the rent increase?

Auto fare increases per kilometer as per consumer price index. How much is invested in the vehicle itself, how much does the owner spend every month on its proper maintenance, taxes and insurance? Overall, the fare is determined according to the total value of the vehicle.

According to the Metropolitan Region Transport Authority, a decision on the proposed fare hike will be taken later. Earlier the fare was hiked by MMRTA in 2022. At that time, auto fare was increased by Rs 2 and basic taxi fare by Rs 3. After which the price of CNG was increased on 8th July. The price of one kg of CNG in Mumbai has gone up to Rs 75. If the fare increases, it will affect the pockets of people who travel by autos and taxis every day.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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