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Tomato price is on fire in Delhi, price has reached Rs 90

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Tomato prices have skyrocketed in Delhi.

Tomato prices have touched Rs 90 per kg in the capital’s markets due to disruption in supply due to monsoon rains in many states of the country. According to reports, tomato prices have also increased in major wholesale vegetable markets in Delhi including Azadpur Mandi, Ghazipur Mandi and Okhla Vegetable Mandi. Many city residents expressed dismay over the increase in tomato prices in their local markets and online retail platforms. What is special is that according to the website of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, there has been an increase of Rs 25 per kg in the price of tomato in the month of July.

Tomato price Rs 90 in Delhi

A local resident of Lakshmi Nagar area said that just a few days ago we had bought tomato at Rs 28 per kg but now it is being sold online and in the local market at Rs 90 per kg. Vegetables have become expensive. Sanjay Bhagat, a wholesale vegetable seller at Azadpur Mandi, said that due to the rain, the price of tomatoes has increased by Rs 50 per kg even in wholesale markets. This is because the supply of tomatoes has reduced in the last one week. The number of trucks transporting these agricultural products from states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Himachal has reduced due to heavy rains.

Prices doubled in wholesale markets

Parveet, a vendor at the Ghazipur vegetable market, said that earlier the prices of tomatoes were around Rs 30-35 per kg, but in the last one week they have increased to Rs 60-70 in the wholesale markets. According to another vendor at the Okhla vegetable market, there has been a sharp increase in the prices of tomatoes in the last one week as the crop has been damaged by rains. The vendor said that tomatoes are not a long-lived vegetable and hence they spoil very quickly. The supply has been affected by the rains, due to which the prices have increased. Due to the arrival of monsoon, heavy rainfall is being recorded in many states of the country.

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What do the government figures say?

According to data from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, on July 9, the price of tomato in Delhi was Rs 65 per kg. In the month of July itself, the price of tomato in Delhi saw an increase of Rs 25 per kg. On the last trading day of June i.e. June 30, the price of tomato was Rs 40 per kg. If we talk about the average price in the country, an increase of Rs 11.63 has been observed in the month of July. The average price of tomato on July 9 was Rs 62.45 per kg. While on June 30, the average price was Rs 50.82 per kg.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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