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Those 5 Upcoming Movies of Prabhas After Kalki 2898 AD, Which Will Storm the Box Office!

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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These Prabhas movies will amaze you

Prabhas’ movie Kalki 2898 AD is doing well at the box office. He made a grand comeback with ‘Saalar’. But ‘Kalki’ brought him back as a king. The film is close to earning 1000 crores. He will earn more in future. But now the question is what Prabhas is going to do next.

It will not be easy to match the level he has set with ‘Kalki’ at the box office. But Prabhas is known for breaking his own records. In such a situation, let’s see what movies he currently has in his account.

1. King Saab

For the past few days Prabhas has been playing roles that are all the rage. But ‘The Raja Saab’ will be different from his previous films. It is being said that his character will be a little funnier in this one. Romance will do too. This will be a comedy film. A touch of horror will also be added to it. Its budget is said to be around Rs 200 crore. The film will also have many strong action sequences. A few different new action blocks are planned for Prabhas. Because of this, the script of the film has also been slightly changed.

2. Salar 2

Meanwhile, news came that Prashant Neil’s film ‘Saalar 2’ has been shelved. They’re not going to make it anymore. But it’s not, he actually confirmed it. He said at one point that it is likely to go on floors in the second half of 2025. The budget of this film was Rs 290 crore earlier. Later it was increased to Rs 340 crore. Due to this also there was some rift between producer and Prashant. But now the matter is settled. The pre-production of the film is going on. Prabhas will act in this film after ‘The Rajarab’.

3. Spirit

Whatever film Sandeep Reddy Vanga makes after ‘Animal’, it will definitely be discussed. Now he is making a 300 crore budget film with Prabhas. Its name is ‘Spirit’. A few days ago there was news that Korean action star Ma Dong Seok will play Vinale. His presence makes the film itself bigger. Because he has worked in world famous films like ‘Train to Busan, The Roundup’. It has its own distinct fan following. Prabhas will play the role of a policeman in this film. Plans are being made to film it not only across India but across the world. It will be dubbed into several other world languages ​​including Korean and Chinese.

4. Kannappa

Prabhas’ film will tell the story of Shivabhakta Kannappa. Prabhas is not playing a full role in this. He is doing a cameo in it. It is being said that he will play the role of Shiva in this. Akshay Kumar will also make a cameo in this film. Mohanlal will also be seen in an important role. Vishnu will be seen in the role of Manchu Kannappa. Its budget is also said to be around 100 crore rupees.

5. Film directed by Sita Ramam

Some time ago it was said that Prabhas will be doing a film with Seetha Ramm director Hanu Raghavapudi. However, there is no official update on this issue yet. There are reports that this will be a period romance drama film. In this, Prabhas will be seen in two looks. In one he will be young and in the other he will be seen in a role older than his age. This will be an intense character. The budget of this film is also said to be around 300 crore rupees.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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