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Those 5 powerful fan theories of ‘Mirzapur 4’, which if proven true, will create an earthquake in the OTT space!

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Things are going to get crazy in Season 4

‘Mirzapur’ has its own cult fan following. Its third season has also been released. After watching Mirzapur 3, some people are praising it. But some people are criticizing it a lot. Someone is missing Munna Bhaiya. Someone is upset with Kaalin Bhaiya being given less screen time. Some people are irritated by the drawn out story and some changes in Golu Gupta’s character.

Be that as it may, now there will be a third and a fourth season. Its writing has also started. In such a situation, there are some fan theories about Season 4. Let us tell you about them. Read on only if you have watched Mirzapur 3 in its entirety, as the arrows of spoilers may sting.

# First principle

Golu Gupta’s character will die in the fourth season. Munna Bhaiyya will return this season, which is not possible. However, this fan theory says that Babu Ji and Bina’s son Munna will return as Bhaiya. After this, the fifth season will get darker.

# Another principle

According to another fan theory Guddu Bhaiya will kill his sister’s husband Robin. After this Guddu’s whole family will turn against him. Dimpy will meet CM Madhuri Yadav to create a fear-free state. Many more characters will also die in season 4.

#Third principle

The next fan theory is in favor of killing off Madhuri Yadav in season 4. Or their government will fall. Guddu and Golu, Solanki and JP will meet each other. The last fight will be between Team Golu-Guddu and Team Tyagi-Tripathy. In this Golu and Shatrughna will die. Guddu will either kill Kalin Bhaiya, or Kalin Bhaiya will kill Guddu. JP Yadav’s character will also play an important role in the fourth season.

#Fourth principle

A theory also says that Guddu’s parents will die. The renegade family will also come to an end. Bina will also settle for the fourth season. Madhuri will then take care of her child.

#Fifth principle

People are also talking about a big plot twist between Golu and Guddu. There is also a theory that Guddu will betray Golu. Shabnam will be the reason for this. Some even said that Golu and Guddu will have a child in the future. Then there will be a fight between Tyagi and Kalin Bhaiya. In all this only Bina will survive.

Now look, these are fan theories. People are starting to predict the story of the fourth season. But it took four years for the producers to come up with a third season. Also, it has nothing like the first two seasons. Now let’s see what kind of cake the producers cook in the fourth season. Will it be a raw pudding like season 3 or will season four be properly cooked?

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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