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This restlessness as an artist…; Ankush Chaudhary’s post about the son of the soil in Girangaon is in discussion

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Mumbai… the economic capital of the country… thousands of people come to Mumbai every day. This city offers big dreams and the speed to fulfill them. But with that speed, the original beauty of the city is getting lost, the original Mumbaikars regret this. Actor Ankush Chaudhary, who is a real Mumbaikar, has also expressed similar regret. Ankush has shared a post about this. He has shared his experience through this post. Textile mills and mill workers are the real identity of Mumbai. But Ankush has said in this post that this identity is slowly getting erased.

Mumbaikars have started denying the existence of workers. Ankush has said that that feeling makes him restless. Ankush on a play based on mill workers. Ankush’s play ‘Toddy Mill Fantasy’ is coming to the audience. On the same occasion, Ankush has shared this post. In this, he has expressed regret.

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I am Ankush Chaudhary. I have been living in this Mumbai city for the last fifty years. I see the pace of this city and the city changing at the same pace every day. I grew up in Girangaon of this city. College, Natak, Katta, Utsav, Maal, Kottar, Dosti, Yaari, in short, all my worldly affairs are in this Girangaon.

The point is that the city is changing and this time it is not just the city but the city’s vision of inclusion. The original Mumbaikars who once ruled this city are vanishing. The city has started denying the existence of the workers who built this city with their blood. The awareness and restlessness that comes from all this awareness must be shared by many Bhumiputras like me. As an artist, to convey this restlessness to the people, I am bringing to you the play ‘Toddy Mill Fantasy’, which will tell the story of this city, the city’s Girangaon and the Bhumiputras of this Girangaon. On 22nd June, Democrat Annabhau Sathe Auditorium. 4:00 PM. Ranibagh Byculla. This is my small effort to convey the story of our city, our Girangaon to as many people as possible. I am sure you will definitely join me in this effort.

Your friend and son of Girangaon,

– Ankush Choudhary

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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