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This is not an accident but murder! Unknown people sprayed poisonous spray in Hathras satsang… AP Singh claims

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Narayan Sakar Hari alias ‘Bhole Baba’ and his lawyer A.P

In the case of the stampede that broke out after Narayan Sakar Hari alias Bhole Baba’s satsang in Hathras on July 2 and claimed the lives of 121 people, Bhole Baba’s lawyer AP Singh has claimed that there is a big conspiracy behind the tragedy. Bhole Baba’s counsel AP Singh has said in a press conference that the heartbreaking incident that took place in Hathras on July 2 was not just an incident. There was a well-thought-out plot in this.

AP Singh said that the conspiracy was hatched to defame Bhole Baba, however the conspiracy was meant to cause more harm. His party applied for this satsang, he had permission. Permission was also taken for police, sound, traffic and fire arrangements. Each permit also included a map of the program. After these applications, permission was received from the administration for Manav Mangal Milan Samagam.

A poisonous spray is sprayed

Advocate Dr. AP Singh claimed that an unidentified scorpion was also spotted at the satsang venue. 15-16 people got down from that Scorpio and ran away after spraying poisonous/narcotic spray on the people present in the pandal. Unidentified persons surreptitiously sprayed with mats and fled from the spot. People were falling because of the spray. After carrying out the incident, the suspects got into a Scorpio parked on the road. A spray bottle fell and he picked it up and ran away. AP Singh claims that the spray that was sprayed caused unconsciousness.

Sprayed while running ahead

Bhole Baba’s lawyer AP Singh said that the unidentified man himself was careful while spraying the accused people. He claimed that the people who were spraying were running ahead and spraying backwards. He said the SIT is investigating under the supervision of the Supreme Court. He said that people are hiding their identity and giving information to him. Women who survived after fainting are now telling the story.

Accept this error

He said that this was not just an accident but a case of outright murder. He has said that he will fully cooperate with the legislative process. He said that he has surrendered Madhukar so that his client SIT can conduct whatever investigation it wants. On Bhole Baba, AP Singh said that Narayan Sakar Hari will also come forward when required by the investigating agencies. Today we have said this for the first time in the media, we will also record their statements in front of the police. Meanwhile AP Singh also said that he accepted that the permission was only for 80 thousand people but 2.5 to 3.3 lakh people reached the satsang.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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