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This Britannia factory is going to be closed, its history is related to the country’s independence, what is the reason?

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Britannia’s most famous brand is Good Day

Britannia Industries, this is a name known in every Indian household for almost 132 years. It is one of the first consumer goods companies in the country that not only made India self-sufficient in the production of even the most basic foodstuffs like biscuits. In fact, today biscuits are also exported in large quantities from India. But now Britannia Industries is going to close one of its oldest factories, which is also related to the country’s independence. After all, why is this factory closing…?

Yes, Britannia Industries will close its Taratala factory in Kolkata. This factory was built in the year 1947. That same year, India also became independent from British rule. This factory is one of the oldest biscuit factories in the country. For this, Kolkata Port Trust (now Shyam Prasad Mukherjee Port Trust) had given 11 acres of land on lease.

Employees accepted the VRS scheme

With the closure of the Taratala factory, Britannia Industries has informed the stock exchange that almost all employees working at the factory have accepted the voluntary retirement scheme (VRS). Some 122 permanent workers will benefit from the VRS system, while talks are still ongoing with around 250 contract workers.

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You will get this amount of money in VRS

According to a PTI news report, Britannia management has offered Rs 13 lakh to employees who have 5 years and 11 months left in their jobs. Those who have 6 to 10 years left in their jobs have been offered Rs 18.5 lakh and those who have more than 10 years left in their jobs have been offered Rs 22.25 lakh.

Production in Taratala is closed.

CITU union leader Gautam Ray says after the closure of the Taratala factory was confirmed, all permanent employees accepted VRS. There is no production here since last 20 days.

The land lease is until 2048 and a new factory is being built in Bengal

In the year 2018, Kolkata Port Trust had extended the lease of this industrial land for another 30 years. But now that the company is closing this factory, it is not clear what will happen to this land.

In 2018, Britannia Chairman Nusli Wadia announced that the company would invest Rs 300-350 crore in a new factory in Bengal. This is part of the company’s long-term strategy, which consists of closing its older, less efficient factories located in city centers. This includes factories in Mumbai and Chennai. Instead, the company is focusing on new factories.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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