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This 2000 crore earning superstar changed that trend in Bollywood, then people started thinking him crazy.

Arun Sharma

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Who broke this big trend?

There comes a time in every film star’s life when he becomes the first choice of directors. He starts getting many big films continuously. However, now actors work in one film for several years and then move on to other films. But earlier the actors worked together in 70 films. Now thousands of plans are made from the announcement of the films to their release. But 30 years ago in Indian cinema, films were made without any planning.

Meanwhile, film critic Anupama Chopra said that an actor can only do 12 or 14 films at a time. The reason was that due to more films, the actors were working in three to four shifts a day. Due to which there were constant delays.

This actor was doing 60 films simultaneously

Meanwhile he states that Anupam Khakhar was the most popular actor of that era, who was doing 60 films at the same time. Along with this, he also revealed something about Aamir Khan’s early career. He says that when Aamir started his career, he was the only star who said he would only do one film at a time. All did not go well at first, but later everyone started liking his method.

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“Aamir Khan was the only actor who said, no, I am going to do one film at a time. People thought he was crazy.”

However, even in the 1970s, there was a trend of doing multiple films simultaneously. This was the reason why Shashi Kapoor came to be known as ‘Taxi’. Because he would shift one after another and take a taxi. At the same time, he would change clothes from one studio to another and start shooting again. However, while talking about the same issue, Ajay Devgan said, “Today we do one film at a time, back then we used to do many films. Used to do 14-15 films at a time, four shifts and five to six hour shifts. At the same time, he would go to work at 7 am, shoot on one set till around 12 pm and go to another set in the same jeans.

Aamir Khan’s film earned 2000 crores

However, Aamir Khan did not follow any trend from the beginning. At first he had to listen to a lot of talk for this, but later seeing the films making profits, other stars also followed him. In fact, he has broken many big records with his films. His film ‘Dangal’ did a business of 2000 crore rupees at the box office. It also became the highest grossing Indian film. No record of this picture has been broken so far.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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