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They used to remove the real ornaments from dead bodies and put them on fake ones… This is how looting was done in post mortem houses.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A case that shames humanity has come to light in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. Looting is being done here with dead bodies from the post mortem house. Real jewelery was being removed from dead bodies and fake jewelery was being worn. This shameful work was done by the fourth class employees of the postmortem house and shared among themselves. The CMO has suspended both the accused employees. The surprise came when the suspended employee exposed the whole thing.

The theft of jewelry from the dead body was exposed during the post-mortem of the sister of a woman policeman. When the body was handed over to the family, her earrings and nose ring were missing. Many postmortem house employees are involved in stealing jewelery from dead bodies. The suspended employee has demanded a video inspection of the CCTV cameras installed inside the postmortem house. Taking the matter seriously, the CMO has ordered another probe.

The mystery of jewelry theft from dead bodies has been revealed

Nikki, a woman constable posted in the Hardoi police line, filed an application with the CMO complaining that her elder sister had died under suspicious circumstances. The body was taken to the post mortem house in Hardoi for postmortem. Nose ring and earrings were missing from the body after post mortem. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, Chief Medical Officer Rohtas Kumar conducted an investigation. Meanwhile, Rupesh Patel, a ward boy deployed by two outsourcing companies, and Wahid, a Class 4 employee, were found guilty. The CMO wrote to the outsourcing company asking them to take action to dismiss both.

Used to take off the original and put on the fake

Ward boy Rupesh Patel, who was injured by the action of Hardoi Chief Medical Officer Rohtas Kumar, said that real gold jewelery was removed from the dead body and fake jewelery was worn in its place. The distribution of jewelry was very honest. The jewelery was removed from the body by Wahid and distributed among the postmortem staff. Small ornaments were given to Wahid and larger ornaments were distributed among the postmortem staff.

Will be re-examined

The employees of the postmortem house were involved in this exchange and distribution game. In this whole matter, Rupesh Patel has requested the Chief Medical Officer of Hardoi to check the CCTV camera footage. Hardoi Chief Medical Officer Rohtas Kumar said that an inquiry has been conducted into the matter, in which two outsourcing employees have been dismissed. A letter has also been sent to the outsourcing company in this regard, but once again action is being taken to investigate the matter thoroughly. Preparations have also been made to check the CCTV footage inside the postmortem house.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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