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‘There’s no need for you to talk to me’, says OBC nutritionist Laxman Hake

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Manoj Jarange Patil and Laxman Hake

OBC leaders Laxman Hake and Navnath Waghmare of Jalnyachya Wadigodari village are on hunger strike for the last eight days. Today is the ninth day of his diet. The state government has intervened in their nutrition. Meanwhile, Laxman Hoque targeted the Maratha leader Manoj Jarange. “Mr Jarange, you have no knowledge of reservations. 78 years have passed since India got independence. It has been 27 to 28 years since Mandal Commission was implemented and who has carried out 70 years long research work? That’s why I keep saying, Jarange, you don’t deserve to talk to me. Ask your advisors to speak to me. Why Mandal Commission was implemented in 1993-94 and completed 70 years? Hey yala, give me half tuition. Please read the policy beforehand. Being irritated is acceptable to me. I will say a little. But this is our pain, that is why these words are here. There is no question of who ate for 70 years. What will we get at the end of 27 years?”, asked Laxman Hack.

“Manoj Jarang always targets our OBC leader Chhagan Bhujbal and says that Bhujbal is empty. Or Jarangenna, I have a question. Or even after the completion of the budget of Maharashtra, even though Eknath Shinde was the chief minister, not only 60 percent were OBCs, not even one percent of the 100 percent budget was spent on OBCs. Who makes the old law and who enforces it? Who is the MLA, who is the MP and who is the Chief Minister? Marathech no? Laxman Haque said, “No one gives a single cent budget to Obisala”.

“What I ate is not the issue. While the OBC reservation is vacant, there are 400 OBC factories located there. There are 200 sugar factories in Maharashtra. 100 cooperative and 100 private. Apart from 10-15 factories, 90 percent of the factories belong to the Maratha community only”, said Laxman Hake.

‘Jarange, who are you to end the royal career?’

“People are willing to destroy political careers, aren’t they? Who are you to destroy the royal career? Or in Maharashtra, OBC, VGNT, SBC are here, and they didn’t vote for self-respect. Time to come will be different, Phule, Shahu, Ambedkar, what a progressive state Maharashtra is”, said Laxman Hake.

‘Who does old casteism?’

“You say I am not a casteist. Chhagan would be Bhujbal, Prakash Shendge, Laxman Hake Asel, Mahadev Jankar, Gopichand Padalkar, Munde Bhau-Bahen, Vijay Vadettiwar, only Mansan or caste-sub-caste people of Maharashtra speak 492 caste languages ​​and Jarange you speak only one caste. Bhasha Jarange Who is the decided casteist?”, Laxman Hake Banana asked. “The answer to this question is Maharashtra. We went quietly for seven-eight months. Keep watching everything about you. Jarange, we must have seen you start your movement through constitutional means. But you Stay in Beed. Offices, shops and houses of OBC leaders were targeted. “What are you doing with casteism?” said Asan Laxman.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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