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There is no mercy for roaming around wearing half pants and vest, Gram Panchayat has taken a decision…

Pratik Mehta

By Pratik Mehta

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At present, there is a debate going on in the country regarding the dress code. Some communities have objected to school uniforms. Some temples have different dress codes. This sometimes leads to news. Now a village panchayat has passed a resolution and banned men from wearing half pants and vest in public places. The village panchayat has said that if any youth of the village is seen roaming around wearing half pants and vest, action will be taken against him. After all, what is the reason behind this strict action? If you are thinking, then the reason for this is also wrong.

Bhiwani Gram Panchayat of Haryana has approved this proposal. According to it, if the youth of the village are seen roaming around wearing half pants and vest, then the Gram Panchayat will take punitive action against them. This resolution has been taken by a woman Sarpanch. Suresh Kumar, father-in-law of the woman Sarpanch of this village, Renu, said that the youth in the village roam around wearing shorts. Due to this, the sisters and girls of the village feel very embarrassed. That is why his daughter-in-law came up with this proposal. If this order is not followed, then such youth will go to their homes and talk to their parents and explain to them not to do so. Suresh also said that if even now his words are not heard, then the Gram Panchayat will take a decision on this independently.

This order is discussed in five parts

Whether the orders of the Sarpanch of this village are followed or not inspection This work will be done through the Chowkidar. After this order, the youth of Gujrani village have been banned from roaming around wearing half pants. The youth can live as they wish at home, but while going to other people’s houses or on the road, they have to wear full pants. After this order, he has started getting calls from other Gram Panchayats as well. Suresh Kumar said, those Panchayats also want to implement this rule in their villages.

The police gave up

The population of Bhiwani village is seven thousand. There are 1250 houses in this village. There are also banks and schools in the village. The village police does not know anything about this. The police has said that if the village panchayat has passed this resolution with a majority, then the police cannot interfere in it.

Pratik Mehta

Pratik Mehta

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