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There is a secret room in the airplane, you might have never seen it, where and what is this room for?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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When you travel by plane, you see nothing except the passenger seats. During your travel, you must have noticed that the air hostesses are mostly standing or sitting on small seats near the washroom. The pilots are in the cockpit. So have you ever wondered how and where these employees rest. Especially when air travel is so attractive. For this, these employees use the option of a secret room in the plane. Where is this secret room? Why can’t we see it?

from Mumbai America According to CNN, such long distance planes have secret rooms especially for the flight crew to rest. Employees can rest in this room. These rooms are very secret, so passengers cannot easily see them. Passengers are not allowed to go here. This secret room has such facilities where pilots and air hostesses can rest. This room is equipped with mattresses, sheets and lights as well as AC.

Relax in the secret room

In new planes, this secret bedroom is above the main cabin. Whereas in old airplanes, it is located near the cockpit. United Airlines flight attendant Suzanne Carr told CNN that she is always on duty on Boeing 787, 777 and 767 planes. Often the doors of this room are mistaken for the doors of the passenger toilet. Therefore, passengers often try to enter it. But Suzanne Carr has said that at such times we show the right path to the passengers.

one and half hour rest

These secret rooms are very comfortable. But if someone is six feet tall then these rooms are uncomfortable. Some planes do not have beds. There are only recyclers. There are screens. During a flight of more than six hours, ten percent of the crew time is given to rest. At this time the staff is not given work. There is a rest break of one and a half hours. But all the air hostesses cannot rest together. In this regard, many air passengers do not know that there is such a secret room in the plane.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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