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Then the people of Beed district will break my face with shoes; Why did MP Bajrang Sonawane say this as soon as he won?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Ajit Pawar is the only leader who is capable of solving the problems of the grassroots, the privileged, the underprivileged, the farmers, the toilers, the sugarcane workers. So this morning Ajit Pawar got a call from Bajrang Sonawane. That phone call was regarding a sugar factory. But that call could also be from Bajrang Sonawane pleading with Ajit Pawar to take him back to his side. Our future is not bright in the Sharad Pawar faction.’ Therefore, he must have requested Ajit Pawar to join the group”, claimed NCP MLA Amol Mitkari yesterday. This claim created a sensation. But Bajrang Sonawane himself has come in front of the media and reacted to this claim. Bajrang Sonawane said, is Amol Mitkari the operator of Ajit Dada’s bungalow? Who is Amol Mitkari? Bajrang Sonawane asked this question. He said, because the operator has the phone record. He further said that the people of Beed district have given me a lot of love. If I have any sin in my mind, the people of the district will break my face with shoes as soon as I step out of the house. When I ask Pawar Saheb to leave, my father will die on seeing me. Reacting, Sonawane said that there will be a situation where my wife will say that you have nothing to eat, not even breakfast.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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