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…then 5 lives would have been saved, full story of Ghaziabad fire in the words of eyewitnesses

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Five people were burnt alive in the fire.

Date 12 June 2024… 32 year old Nazira’s daughter had summer vacation at her school. A plan was made that why not go to uncle Sarik’s house to spend the holidays. Nazira spoke to her husband Saif-ul-Rehman about this. Saif-ul-Rehman, 35, agreed. The couple arrived at Behta Hajipur in Ghaziabad’s Loni with their 7-year-old daughter Isra and 7-month-old son Faiz. This is Nazira’s maternal uncle’s house. Sarik jumped in joy at the sight of his sister.

Sakir’s 25-year-old wife Farheen started serving the guests. The house ran out of milk. Sarik said that I will go to market and buy milk. Until then you guys talk to each other. When Sakir returned with milk at 8 pm, the ground slipped under his feet. There was a huge fire in his three-storey building. The surrounding people had gathered there. The police and fire departments were notified.

Sarik, the head of the household, could not understand what had happened so suddenly. Then he learned that people had rescued his unmarried sister Uzma (25) and son Arsh (10). Then fire brigade vehicles reached the spot. Police and ambulance also reached there. The injured Uzma and Arsh were taken to JTB Hospital. During the rescue operation, the police and fire department again found that 5 people present in the house have died.

The deceased have been identified as Saif-ul-Rehman, Nazira, Isra, Faiz and Farheen. Sakir was heartbroken to see the dead bodies of his family members. There he started to cry. The police said that all the dead bodies were taken out after breaking the wall of the house. Fire broke out due to short circuit. An investigation revealed that a large amount of foam sheet was stored in the home. Many of the cans also contained some chemicals, due to which the fire spread quickly. There is a suspicion that the foam sheet is being used for some purpose.

Scream for help

Neighbors said that when the fire spread from the ground floor to the second floor, everyone present in the house got scared. They started screaming for help. There were voices coming from the house – save us. There is a fire here. Neighbors reached the spot after hearing the screams. On the other hand, the people present in the house started running here and there to save their lives. It was not possible to go down. Because the fire had spread from there. So he thought why not go to the terrace. Uzma and Arsh manage to reach the terrace. But the rest of the fortunes in this matter were not good. There was so much smoke that they could not reach the roof. The fire spread so much that the screams died down after a few minutes. That is, by then all the five people trapped in the house had died. Neighbors reached there from the roof of their house to save Uzma and Arsh. He got them both out safely and then rushed them to the hospital.

…then five lives would have been saved

Eyewitnesses say that they informed the fire brigade on time. But fire brigade vehicles arrived late. If the vehicles of the fire department had reached on time, the lives of the five people could have been saved. The surrounding people also tried to extinguish the fire with water kept in the house. But the fire was so fierce that there was little water. No one was going in because of the smoke. After around 12.00 pm, fire brigade and police team broke the wall of the house. After this all the dead bodies could be removed from the house. In this incident of fire, the car parked in the basement of the house was also burnt to ashes. An investigation is currently going on in this matter.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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