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The wicked father made the daughter a victim of lust, the mother beat her with a stick and freed her from his clutches.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A shameful incident has come to light in Rajasthan’s Dungarpur. Here a Kalyugi father made his daughter a victim of lust. They locked the daughter in a room and raped her. The victim’s mother freed my daughter from the clutches of her cruel father by hitting the accused on the head with a stick. Locked him in the room. Police were informed. The police reached the spot and arrested the accused father. The incident caused a sensation in the area.

The incident took place in the Bichiwada police station area of ​​Dungarpur district, where a 19-year-old daughter was raped by her father after being locked in a room. He started screaming. Hearing the girl’s voice, her mother and sister rushed to save her. Neighbors also came running after hearing the sound. When the victim tried to free herself from the accused, she did not agree. The victim’s mother knocked him down with a stick, locked him in the room and informed the police.

The victim is a class 10 student

The police reached the spot and arrested the accused father. According to the police, the victim’s mother has lodged a complaint. He said that his daughter is studying in class 10. On Wednesday, she, her younger sister and her father were alone at home. When it was noon, the father locked the daughter in the room and forced her to take off her clothes, making her a victim of Havas.

The police arrested the accused father

When the daughter screamed, her younger sister called the neighbors and tried to save her, but the accused father refused. Based on the complaint, the Bichiwada police have arrested the accused father. The police are now interrogating the accused. The police have also conducted a medical examination of the victim’s daughter.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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