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The sound quality of cheap iPhone will be affected, follow these tips while buying the phone

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Be sure to read these tips before buying second-hand fun

Buying an iPhone is not in everyone’s budget, so people try to buy cheap iPhones online or through other means. But many people do not get cheap iPhones, so they try to buy second-hand iPhones. Although there is no harm in buying a second-hand phone, sometimes it can also cause harm. If you are buying a second-hand device or phone, then it is very important to check it properly. Otherwise, in the name of saving some money, you lose more money.

Check proof of purchase

When you buy a second hand iPhone, ask for the iPhone purchase slip (purchase proof) from the other person and check it. At that time you can check the hard or soft copy of the original slip. Many times it happens that the phone remains under warranty even after it becomes old. If the original receipt of the phone is found, then you can check the warranty details of the phone. Apart from this, checking the slip will also reveal whether the phone has been purchased by that person himself or it is a stolen item.

serial number

To check the warranty of the phone, go to the Settings of your iPhone. Then click on the General option here. Go to the About section there and here you can check the serial number of the iPhone. Copy this serial number, then enter it on and check all the details.

Pay attention to the battery too

The battery of an iPhone is as important as the battery of any phone and its camera. If the battery in the iPhone is not good then it can harm you. If the battery of the iPhone is 80 percent or more then there is no harm in buying it. But if the battery percentage is less than this then think carefully before buying the phone.

To check the battery health, go to the iPhone Settings, click on the Battery option. Then go to the Battery Health and Charging option. If you cannot check the battery health, it is probably not a genuine iPhone.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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