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The sea fills, the river flows, even today it saves women’s lives, salute to the Mumbai Police!

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Mumbai police saved woman’s life

Mumbai Police always go to Dhawan in times of crisis. Mumbai Police has always proved its hard work. So the whole world of Mumbai Police is a boat. Today the citizens who go to Marine Drive have also become attached to the reputation of Mumbai Police or duty. A woman fell on her feet near Katyavarun of Marine Drive. At this time, the women and citizens present there worshiped the banana. That hearing the sound of lightning, two police personnel present there rushed there. Without even thinking about the dangerous course, he jumped into the sea and saved the woman’s life.

A woman fell into the sea after being caught by a marine driver. Both have saved lives of policemen and women. A Mumbai police constable went to the Arabian Sea to save an old woman. During high tide today, a woman slipped off the wall of Marine Drive and fell into the sea. People rushed to the Marine Drive police station and without thinking, two constables Kiran Thackeray and Anol Dahil immediately jumped into the water.

Treatment started at Mahivar Hospital

Mumbai Police vans are usually deployed daily in the Marine Drive area to prevent anti-social activities, maintain public safety and law and order. Meanwhile, Mahivar is undergoing treatment at a local hospital. The incident took place near Sundar Mahal Junction and the rescue operation took about 20 minutes. Both the police carried out a quick rescue using rings, tires and safety ropes. So save the woman’s life. After this, the female police constable took the woman out and took her to the GT Hospital.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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