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The rooms were like hell, the doctors tied their hands and feet and beat them… ‘Horror story’ of Bhagalpur’s de-addiction centre.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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After the death of a youth at an illegal de-addiction center in Bihar’s Bhagalpur, revelations have emerged that will leave your soul reeling. The addiction center was hell for the patients. Doctors who were considered as second form of God on earth used to become demons here. Then the process of brutal beating started inside the barracks. The beating was such that one person even lost his life. The entire incident took place at the illegal drug addiction center operating in the Ishaqchak Police Station area in the heart of the city.

In an illegal de-addiction center in the city, patients were admitted in the name of drug addiction and then beaten severely by the doctor and his assistants. One person has lost his life in this horrible method of addiction. The deceased Amresh was a resident of Madhepura and was an alcoholic. The incident was carried out by the management and employees of the illegal drug addiction center running near the Budhia Kali Mandir located on Mirjanhat Road in the southern area of ​​Bhagalpur city.

A few days ago, Amresh’s family admitted him here. People tied patient Amresh’s hands behind his back and stuffed a cloth in his mouth and then played a loud song and beat him severely. He died due to beating. When the doctor saw this, he got scared and rushed him to Sadar Hospital. After the news of Amresh’s death was conveyed to his family members, his wife reached the de-addiction center and accused everyone, including the manager, of murdering her husband.

Couldn’t even get food…

After receiving information about the incident, Sadar SDO Dhananjay Kumar and City DSP Ajay Chaudhary reached the spot and rescued more than 20 people from the de-addiction center. The police took these people out of the de-addiction center and handed them over to their families. Meanwhile, the patient was shocked when he told the police the story of his torture at the de-addiction center. Pointing to a barrack-like room, the patient said that this is the room where we were kept. Didn’t even get food. We lived the whole day just eating bhunja. The operator and the hunter in charge beat us, they also showed many injury marks on their bodies.

A condition worse than prison

The patient said that the conditions here are worse than jail. Patients are treated inhumanely. One patient said that while the doctor was beating him inside the addiction center, there was very loud music playing inside the room. Before the beating, the conductor would play music at a high volume so that the shouts would not be heard. Patient Akhilesh Kumar said that Amaresh, a patient from Madhepura, was badly beaten by the doctor on Sunday. Director Dr. Sumit Kumar along with in-charge Sourav Kumar and Sumit’s younger brother Chhotu were involved in beating him. They tied both the patient’s hands behind his back and stuffed a cloth in his mouth, then played loud music and the three of them beat him severely. We were watching this scene from the barracks, where the Madhepura patient was being beaten from the day he arrived.

Case against Addiction Director

After the incident, the police inspected the de-addiction center and now a case is being registered and the CCTV footage is also being scrutinised. Along with the police, the SDM is also investigating from their level. City DSP Ajay Chaudhary has said that legal action will be taken in this matter. Executive Magistrate Sadar Chandan Kumar, who reached the spot, has appealed to people to send their children or family members only to de-addiction centers registered by the government so that there is no scope for such barbarism.

Strict action will be taken against the culprits

Regarding the matter, Bhagalpur Senior Superintendent of Police Anand Kumar said that the incident took place in a private de-addiction center and a case of murder has been registered against four people by the relatives of the deceased and strict action has been taken against the culprits.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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