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The policemen came with dirty intentions, the eunuchs took them hostage; There was a lot of uproar

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The victim eunuch expressed his pain

A shocking incident has come to light in Bihar’s Jamui. Here the eunuchs took two policemen hostage. As soon as the information was received, the police convoy reached the police station. It was revealed that the two hostage policemen entered the eunuch’s house with dirty intentions. Enraged by this, the eunuchs took him hostage and informed the police themselves. When the police reached the spot, the eunuchs created a ruckus. However, after some persuasion, the eunuchs calmed down and released the hostage policemen.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening in Chitochak area of ​​Jammu. According to the eunuchs, two policemen stationed at the Zaza police station started moving in front of the eunuchs’ house in the evening. Meanwhile, late on Tuesday evening, these policemen caught a eunuch and forcibly entered the house and started abusing him. When the eunuch objected, the accused policemen even offered him money. When the other eunuchs came to know about this, they all united and surrounded the policemen.

Policemen wanted to have physical relations with eunuchs

However, in the meantime, both the policemen saw the opportunity and started running away. One jumped into a well. However, the eunuchs took him out and locked him in the room and then informed the police station after locking another policeman in the room. After this information, sufficient number of police force reached the spot and after pacifying the angry eunuchs, the two policemen were released. In the complaint given by the eunuchs to the police, the two policemen wanted to have physical relations with the eunuchs. When he protested, he threatened to call the police and misbehaved. On receiving the information, the higher officials of the department have ordered an inquiry into the matter.

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Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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