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The pile of dead bodies, the victims and the grief of losing loved ones… these pictures of the Hathras accident will make you cry.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Hathras accident.
Image credit source: PTI

A tragic accident has taken place in UP’s Hathras. There was a stampede at Swayambhu Sant Bhole Baba’s satsang organized in Ratibhanpur. Due to which 107 people have died so far. Many people are injured and have been admitted for treatment. Many people are in critical condition. Among the dead are many women and children. PM Modi and CM Yogi have announced compensation of 2 lakh rupees to the families of the deceased and 50 thousand rupees to the injured.

The pictures of this incident in Hathras have shocked not only the state but the entire country. The piles of dead bodies at the scene were telling the horror of the accident. The screams of hospitals and post-mortem houses are soul-shattering. There are some pictures of this accident which cannot be shown as they may be disturbing.

Hathras Stampede 10

Hathras accident. Image – PTI

The incident took place in Sikandarrau area of ​​Hathras district. This was the organization of Satsang. There was a stampede. The next scene was very scary. People used to run over each other.

Hathras Stampede 8

Hathras accident. Image – PTI

After the accident, dead bodies and injured were loaded into trucks and other vehicles and taken to Sikanderau Trauma Center. There were so many bodies that they had to be kept outside the health centre. The huge crowd gathered here was shaken by the screams of the victims’ families.

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Hathras Stampede

Dead bodies lying on the ground and people crying. Image – PTI

A video of this accident has also surfaced. Among the five to six dead bodies kept in the truck, a woman was crying badly. In another picture, a woman and a man were seen lying unconscious in another vehicle.

Hathras Stampede 7

crying women. Image – PTI

A woman who witnessed the accident says that people were leaving the place after the satsang was over. There was a stampede then. People kept falling over each other.

Hathras Stampede 6

Police taking information from victims. Image – PTI

Ashish Kumar, SHO of Sikanderrao Police Station, said that this happened due to heavy crowding. Sikanderrao MLA Virendra Singh Rana said that it was a one-day satsang and it started on Tuesday morning.

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Hathras Stampede

Large number of police force present. Image – PTI

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has expressed grief over this incident. He has also instructed the officials to speed up the relief work. He has formed a team headed by the Additional Director General of Police, Agra and the Commissioner of Aligarh and has given instructions for the investigation.

Hathras Stampede

crying woman Image – PTI

A spokesperson of the state government has said that CM Yogi has instructed the district administration officials to immediately take the injured to the hospital and give them proper treatment.

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Hathras Stampede

crying women. Image – PTI

CM Yogi said this

CM Yogi has said that Uttar Pradesh government ministers Lakshmi Narayan Chaudhary and Sandeep Singh have left for the spot. Chief Secretary and Director General of Police have been instructed to reach the spot. I pray to God to grant the departed souls peace at their feet and speedy recovery to the injured. On the other hand, the district administration has issued helpline numbers 05722227041 and 05722227042 to help people.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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