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The one who cheated was successful… Who is Sadaabhau Khot’s target?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Mahavikas Aghadi has worked to vitiate the atmosphere in Maharashtra. Sharad Pawar has worked to cheat the Maratha community for 60 years. But it cannot be denied that this time this method of cheating was successful. Saying that we will have to raise some issues in the future, Sharad Pawar should write a letter to Manoj Jarange Patil that if he comes to power in the state, Sharad Pawar should give 10 percent reservation to the Maratha community in OBC, Sadabhau Khot has challenged Sharad Pawar.

Sadabhau Khot has given this challenge while talking to the media. After the defeat in the Lok Sabha, a meeting of the Mahagathbandhan was held. Sadabhau Khot also attended this meeting. He also commented on this. After the Lok Sabha elections, we all sat together and discussed. We are all responsible for whatever seats the Mahayuti got. Although Fadnavis said that he should be freed from the government, the responsibility of the elections is of everyone. Therefore, Fadnavis should remain in the government, Sadabhau Khot said.

also led in assembly

Only Devendra Fadnavis can take Maharashtra towards development. Maharashtra really needs his leadership. He should lead the Mahagathbandhan in the upcoming assembly elections as well. Sadabhau said that we will always be with the Mahayuti.

We will stand our ground

All the constituent parties of the Mahagathbandhan have worked honestly in the elections. Our leaders have visited different areas and held meetings. They said that we will definitely present our side in front of the three major parties in the Vidhan Sabha.

bharat aghadi robbers gang

Only Modi can take the country on the path of development. Modi’s leadership is capable. The whole country and the world are looking at Modi with hope. Bharat Aghadi is a gang of robbers. It is a front of a gang. That is why we held a meeting in Islampur. Our fight is Bharat versus Bharat. We are fighting the hardworking people of the country. He claimed that many scams took place in this election and its result was also seen in this election.

Disadvantages of the Jarenz Factor

Mahavikas Aghadi leader Sharad Pawar and his entire camp are now going to put Jarange to work. Manoj Jarange’s agitation will now continue till the assembly elections. He said that Sharad Pawar is using reservation for political gain, we have also lost the Jarange factor in this election.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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