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The marriage was fixed with Wig, but when the secret was revealed, the girl turned away… 50 thousand rupees were trapped

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The marriage was arranged by concealing the baldness, then broke up

In Bihar’s Banka district, a man misled the girl’s family and fixed the marriage by hiding his baldness. After the marriage was fixed, the girl’s party also gave the boy 50 thousand rupees as a gift. But, in the digital world no truth can be hidden for long. Same thing happened with this guy where after the marriage was fixed, the girl checked the boy’s social media accounts and after seeing his bald picture, he refused to marry her.

Let us tell you that this case is from Gidhaura village of Shambhuganj in Banka district. Akhilesh Kumar, son of Suresh Mandal, who lives here, got married to Priyanka, daughter of Prasadi Mandal, who lives in Kathara, Sultanganj. When the marriage was going on, the boy’s family was not told that the boy had no hair on his head and was wearing a wig. The girl’s family was completely unaware of this.

We met wearing wigs

When Akhilesh and Priyanka met, Akhilesh was wearing a wig. Due to which Priyanka did not know whether she had hair on her head or not. Due to which the girl’s family was cheated. The marriage was confirmed between the two. People from the girl’s party gave 50 thousand rupees to buy a gift for the boy. During the meeting, Priyanka also asked Akhilesh about his hair, to which Akhilesh said that he cut his hair because of family pride.

Refusal to refund money

The marriage was decided but the date of marriage was not decided. Priyanka starts scanning Akhilesh’s social media accounts. After some investigation, Priyanka found an old picture of Akhilesh in which he was not wearing a cap and had no hair on his head. Seeing this picture, the relationship of both the families deteriorated. After this, the girl’s family broke off the relationship and asked the boy’s family to return the gift money. The boy refused to pay. After which the matter reached Shambhuganj police station. Currently, the police is investigating the matter.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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