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The groom kept pleading in the mandap, but the bride was not satisfied. Why did the wedding procession return empty-handed?

Nita Yadav

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The groom was sitting in the wedding hall. Then the bride refused to marry the groom. She said that she will not marry this boy. Everyone present at the wedding was surprised to hear this. When the bride explained the reason, the groom started pleading with her. He started saying that he should refuse the marriage. But the bride was not satisfied. There was a big commotion. But the procession had to return empty-handed.

The case is from Korea district of Chhattisgarh. The marriage of Lavanti Kumari, a resident of Ani village in Baikunthpur Development Block, was fixed with Ramesh Kumar, a resident of Bardia, Patna. The wedding was to take place on the night of 8th July. On this happy occasion, the Sehra-clad groom arrives at the bride’s door in procession with drums and musical instruments. Meanwhile, the people of the girl’s party welcomed the wedding procession with much fanfare by bursting firecrackers.

The bride refused to marry

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After completing several rituals, the groom’s aarti was performed. At the same time it came to light that the groom was drunk and behaving strangely. Seeing this behavior of the groom, the bride got angry. Soon the bride and groom were seated in the ossuary. The bride stood up while taking seven rounds. She said she will not marry this boy. Everyone was stunned to hear this. When asked why, the bride said that she could not marry a boy who was a drug addict.

The groom’s family celebrates the bride

The bridegroom was embarrassed after hearing the bride’s words. He started pleading with the girl. He started pleading and saying – I made a mistake. Please do not refuse the marriage. But the bride was not satisfied. Because of this, there was an uproar between the bride and groom. Then the wedding procession had to return empty-handed. But since then the groom party is still convincing the bride that such a mistake will not happen again. The bride says that now she will not marry this boy. People are praising this decision of the bride.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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