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The family kept asking for an ambulance all night to take the body… the hospital didn’t listen.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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An ambulance was not arranged for the body overnight

In Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, the family sat with the patient’s body all night waiting for an ambulance, but they did not get help. Due to the negligence of the medical college, the family had to face hardship. It is alleged that after the death of a patient in a medical college in Mandhanpur, the family demanded an ambulance till morning to take his body home, but there was no help from the medical college.

When the Chief Medical Officer went for a walk in the morning, he saw a worried family waiting for an ambulance. After knowing his condition and hearing about his problems, he reprimanded the hospital staff and arranged for an ambulance. After this, the family of the patient reached home with the dead body and performed the last rites. Due to the death of Sureman of Badanwan village in Kada Dham police station area, the family members were already in a bad mood with tears in their eyes. Even after staying in the hospital for several days, the young man’s life could not be saved.

One day, while going to the market on a bicycle, Sureman was injured when he was hit by a bike near a private guest house in Gulamipur. After this he was admitted in Medical College Manzanpur. On Tuesday night, on the 25th day after admission, he stopped breathing and died. The family of the deceased kept pleading with the hospital for help by getting an ambulance all night, but the staff did not even speak to them directly.

What did Sureman’s family say?

Suraman’s family members said that if Chief Medical Officer Dr.S.K. If Shukla had not come in the morning, the ambulance would not have been available. He expressed displeasure at the behavior of the staff.

The car broke down

Chief Medical Officer Dr. SK Shukla warned the staff not to repeat such negligence. He said that the vehicle was faulty, so the arrangements could not be made at night. The vehicle was made available in the morning.

Report – Mohammad Yashin/Kaushambi

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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