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The delay is costing a lot, an additional Rs 5.71 lakh crore will be spent from the government treasury.

Sagar Patel

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The burden on the public treasury will increase

The magnitude of the delay can be estimated from the fact that it may pose an additional burden of Rs 5.71 crore on the public exchequer. Yes, many infrastructure projects in the country are far behind schedule. Because of this, their costs have increased significantly.

The government regularly monitors infrastructure projects in the country that cost Rs 150 crore or more. So that these can be completed to the greatest extent possible and on time. The Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation is charged with this responsibility.

Many projects are delayed

According to the Ministry of Statistics’ May 2024 report, the cost of 458 of 1,817 projects in the country has increased. At the same time, another 831 projects are moving forward slowly. There are 458 infrastructure projects whose cost has increased till May 2024. Their burden on the public exchequer will be around Rs 5.71 lakh crore. Its cost has increased due to delay in projects and some other reasons.

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According to the report, the original cost of these 1,817 projects was around Rs 27,58,567.23 crore. It is now estimated to rise to Rs 33,29,647.99 crore. This shows that its cost has increased by 20.70 percent i.e. Rs 5,71,080.76 crore.

The government has spent so much

As per the report, till May 2024, Rs 17,07,190.15 crore from the government treasury has been spent on these projects. This is approximately 51.3 percent of its estimated cost. However, according to the ministry, if we look at the latest deadline for the completion of projects, the number of delayed projects will be reduced to 554.

According to the report, of the 831 delayed projects, 245 projects are delayed between one month and 12 months, 188 projects are delayed between 13 and 24 months, 271 projects are delayed between 25 and 60 months and 127 projects are delayed more than 60 months .

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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