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The country’s biggest scam in the stock market, what happened on the day of the exit poll?; Rahul Gandhi told the chronology

Pratik Mehta

By Pratik Mehta

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has made a very serious allegation against the BJP government. The biggest scam in the country has happened in the stock market. The stock market rose on the day of the exit poll and fell on the day of the results. It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah who made people invest in the stock market. BJP knew what was going to happen on June 4. They know what the election results are going to be. Then the market fell. Rahul Gandhi has demanded that this is the biggest scam in the country and it should be investigated by the JPC committee. Rahul Gandhi has made this big allegation while talking to the media.

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Pratik Mehta

Pratik Mehta

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