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The country will not run on breaking news, Modi’s alert; also the meaning of NDA

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has alerted the newly elected MPs. You should work for development. Do good work. Take the country forward. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has warned that the country will not run only with breaking news. The people of the country have expressed their trust in the NDA. Therefore, the opposition will come to the House with patriotism. There will be good debates. This will help in the development of the country. The opposition may be our opponent. But not the country. They are also a part of this country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, therefore cooperation is expected from them too.

The NDA meeting was held in the Constitution Hall of Parliament. This time Narendra Modi has been elected the leader of the parliamentary party. On this occasion, Modi addressed the MPs. While addressing the MPs, Modi analyzed the election results and also presented the roadmap for the country’s development. What we have developed in 10 years is just a trailer. This was not my election speech. We want to develop rapidly. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that people want us to break our own records.

One point agenda rejected

On this occasion, Narendra Modi also explained the meaning of NDA. NDA means New India, Developed India, Aspirational India. It is our responsibility to fulfill this dream and resolution. You have a road map. We have always given a corruption-free government. We have worked whenever we got the opportunity. The Congress-led UPA has now changed its name. But they are known for scams. Even after changing the name, the country has not forgotten their scams. They have been rejected. Bharat Aghadi implemented a one-point agenda to oppose one person. Therefore, the people of the country have again pitted them against him. Modi said that the NDA faced the elections with the concept of developed India.

This is a good sign

The people of the country have unwavering faith and trust in the NDA. So it is natural that the expectations of the countrymen will increase. I consider this a good sign. I have already said that the work of the last ten years is just a trailer. This is my commitment. We have to move ahead with more speed and confidence.’ Modi made it clear that he will not delay even for a moment in fulfilling the aspirations of the country.

The number did not reach 100 in 10 years

During this time Modi also criticized Congress. In the last ten years Congress has not been able to reach the figure of 100. He said that even if the figures of Congress in the last three elections are added together, it has still won more seats than that. We can digest victory. It is our culture to be proud of victory and ridicule defeat. He also said that we were neither defeated nor have we lost.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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