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The constable made a kidnapping plan himself, demanded 40 lakh rupees from his wife… This is how the revelation happened.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A unique case has come to light in Madhya Pradesh’s Murree district where a police constable hatched a plot to kidnap himself. Not only this, he called a friend on his wife’s number and demanded a ransom of Rs 40 lakh. The woman immediately complained to the police about the whole matter, after which the police came into action and immediately after knowing the location of the phone number, arrested the constable and his friend.

According to the information, the case is from the Nirar police station area of ​​Sabalgarh, where 32-year-old constable Shivshankar Rawat is posted. Shivshankar went missing from the police station after taking a two-day leave. After which he did not even reach home. The family members were worried that in the meantime a call was received on Shivshankar’s wife’s mobile phone. The man on the phone told the woman that her husband had been kidnapped. If you want his security, come to Rajasthan with 40 lakh rupees.

The woman immediately went and told the whole thing to the police, after which the police traced the location of the number given by the woman. After this, the police reached Karauli in Rajasthan with the woman. Here, the police have arrested the accused constable and his accomplice who made the call from a house located in Gangapur Mode. Currently, the police are interrogating both of them.

I also talked to my wife myself

The wife received a call around 5 am on Wednesday. During this time, the person threatened him over the phone and demanded a ransom of Rs 40 lakh. When the wife said she wanted to speak to her husband, the man asked her to speak to a constable. The constable said he was caught with a girl. After which it is in the possession of some people. After this on Wednesday afternoon Nirar TI Darshan Shukla reached Karauli with the force and in the evening exposed the entire matter.

MLA’s nephew involved

According to the police, the person who called the constable’s wife has also been caught in this whole matter. The name of the accused is said to be Yogendra Yadav who is the nephew of Sabalgarh MLA. Currently, the police are interrogating both of them.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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