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The BJP is trying to mend the disturbed equation in Haryana by making him the state president

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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BJP is strengthening organization in Haryana.

The BJP suffered the consequences of deteriorating political equations in the Lok Sabha elections in Haryana, which saw it lose five seats. In such a situation, BJP has started trying to correct its distorted equation ahead of assembly elections, for which BJP has appointed MLA Mohanlal Barauli, who hails from the Brahmin community, as the state president of Haryana. Earlier, BJP appointed Satish Punia as in-charge and Surendra Singh Nagar as co-in-charge. The party has already given the green light to Chief Minister Naib Saini to contest the elections. In this way, BJP has staked a strong social engineering to achieve the hat-trick of power in Haryana.

BJP MLA Mohanlal Badoli has been appointed as the new state president of Haryana. Till now, only Chief Minister Naib Saini was holding the responsibility of the state president. In view of the assembly elections, the BJP has handed over the leadership of the organization to Mohanlal Badoli. Badoli is an MLA from Rai assembly constituency of Sonepat district and contested from Sonepat seat in 2024, but did not win. He is considered very trustworthy by Chief Minister Naib Saini. Till now Badoli was holding the responsibility of state general secretary in Haryana BJP organization. From the post of state general minister, he has now become state president of BJP.

Why is appointment of Badoli important?

After Union Power Minister Manohar Lal became the Chief Minister, the party handed over the leadership of the BJP in the state to Naib Singh Saini. After this he became CM. Assembly elections are going to be held in Haryana later this year. The appointment of Badoli before this is considered important. Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who recently visited the state, hinted to keep Deputy Chief Minister Naib Saini as the Chief Minister in the upcoming assembly elections.

In Haryana, the Congress managed to deal a major blow to the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections based on the Dalit-Jat equation by state president Uday Bhan and leader of opposition in the assembly Bhupendra Singh Hooda. Hence, BJP has planned to contest assembly elections by making CM from OBC community and state president from Brahmin community. The Congress plans to counter the Jat-Dalit equation with a strategy of keeping the Jats and Gurjars in it by giving the electoral mantle to Satish Punia and Surendra Nagar along with the Brahmin-OBCs.

With PM Modi taking over the reins of power in 2014, the BJP managed to form a government on its own for the first time in Haryana, but fell short of a majority in 2019, five years later. In such a situation, BJP formed the government with the support of JJP, but now it has to face many challenges to achieve the hat-trick of power. To counter the anti-incumbency wave, the BJP removed Manohar Lal Khattar before the Lok Sabha elections and handed over the chief ministership to Naib Saini, who hails from an OBC. However, the BJP has lost five Lok Sabha seats in Haryana and is busy with damage control ahead of the assembly elections.

Questions are being raised regarding law and order in the state

The BJP captured power in Haryana by attracting all castes through non-Jat politics, but within ten years the whole equation had deteriorated. Due to which BJP had to change its CM. Manohar Lal Khattar, who hails from the Punjabi community, has been handed the reins of power to Naib Saini, who hails from the OBC community, and is set to contest the assembly elections under his leadership. In such a situation, Jats and Gurjars are the two major tribes of Haryana, to mobilize their votes, Satish Punia has been made in-charge, Surendra Nagar has been made co-in-charge, while for the sake of Brahmin votes, the organization has been given to Mohanlal Barauli. In such a situation, it remains to be seen how many votes the four leaders will be able to garner in favor of the BJP from their respective communities, but the Vysya and Punjabi votes will be directly acquired as in 2014 and 2019.

The Vaishya and Punjabi communities in Haryana are believed to be upset as law and order issues continue to arise in the state. In such a situation, the people of the Vaishya community have taken to the road and expressed their displeasure. Naib Saini has not been able to make a mark in the Lok Sabha polls and the reins of state president have been handed over to Mohanlal Badoli, who is up to the challenge of making a mark. Not many people outside Sonepat know about Barauli. Assembly elections are barely three months away. In such a situation, BJP will have to struggle to make Barauli popular.

A large section of Haryana is upset over the issue of Agniveer.

Congress has completely focused on the Jats and Dalits of Haryana. A large section of Haryana is upset over the Agniveer issue and the Congress is constantly trying to sharpen the issue. Congress has also planned to put BJP on the backfoot by raising the issue of farmers. Due to the weakening of INLD and JJP, Haryana will see a direct fight between Congress and BJP. In such a situation, even though BJP has planned to enter the battle by creating a strong equation, the battle is not easy.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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