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The actress who played the role of MLA’s daughter in ‘Panchayat 3’ is now receiving such messages.

Arun Sharma

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The actress who played the role of MLA’s daughter in ‘Panchayat 3’

After almost two years of waiting, TVF brought the third season of ‘Panchayat’ on 28 May. This season also received a lot of love from people. After the release, many video clips of this series went viral on social media, people created memes. Actress Kirandeep Kaur was also very popular on social media. Now he has spoken about how his life changed after the release of this series.

Indeed, the makers have included many new characters in ‘Panchayat 3’. There is also a character of MLA’s daughter. Kirandeep Kaur has played the role of MLA’s daughter. Her character name in this series is Chitra. Now in an interview to Entertainment Live, he was asked how many offers he got after the success of ‘Panchayat’. On that Kirandeep said that marriage relations are coming directly.

Kirandeep Kaur is getting such messages

Kirandeep Kaur said that people are telling her on social media that ‘he will not be angry if an MLA asks for your hand in marriage.’ People are also sending messages like ‘Did your father really kill and eat a dog?’ He also said that people have been messaging him and advising him to do this or that in the next season. He also said that he is getting a lot of love from people after this series.

However, if you haven’t seen the series yet, please be informed that it shows that an MLA is accused of killing and eating a dog and loses his MLA post. The role of MLA is played by actor Pankaj Jha. Kirandeep’s role in the series is very small, but it was expected that his role could be bigger in the upcoming season.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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