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‘The 9th Minister Padnar’, a big signal from the government by Manoj Jarange Patil

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Maratha leader Manoj Jarange Patil today held a press conference at the hospital in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar. Manoj Jarang that the press conference has given a big signal to the state government. International OBC leaders Laxman Hake and Navnath Waghmare have also started the upliftment. Following their protest, a meeting of OBC leaders with the government is being held today. Meanwhile, Manoj Jarang has given a big signal to the state government. Manoj Jarang has indicated that 9 ministers of the state government will be punished in the upcoming assembly elections. “I don’t feel like coming here again. What could the gathered group say about the wrong person coming and killing them? Those leaders fell down. The fun of the Maratha leaders landed here on the Amchan Balkavu path. Yewala wala lai diwascha khataye nondi cancel kar maihi aur ahi toli ahe, ata cancel kar hai. Ata Mandal Commission has given 14 percent reservation. All those questions should be scrapped and my demand is that only 14 percent of them should be scrapped. Why would you come and do that?”, asked Manoj Jarang.

“Is it a government-sponsored movement of the Marathas to abolish non-payment of taxes or not? At first glance, the eyes of the Maratha leaders widened. People say hundreds of years of registration should be scrapped. 70 years of fake and bogus reservation account, Marathas said nothing, or nondi was cancelled, and today poor Marathas are facing hardships and they are under fire”, said Manoj Jarang. Their motives and malice are exposed. Look how racist he is. All the OBC leaders were also exposed. It’s not time yet. Our idea is not to make OBC bandhwa a vote. But remember, the Mandal Commission has been challenged and quashed”, said Asan Jarang.

‘The 9th Minister Padnaar’

“BJP leader Pankaja Munde’s demand is good. His speaker was the Maratha leader Basat. That’s a good thing. The Maratha leaders complained against him. It rained heavily. Wo ya Jatikaduna. This is called cancellation of register. I will not allow injustice in my society. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis sir, we have faith in you. Don’t let injustice come to our attention. You seem to be doing injustice to us under the pressure of OBC leaders. You bring straw as a government. You were the one who made them protest, I can’t help but drown you. So Yewalwala is Chabra. His political life was over. Car supplies. Put in our favor. Only the fighting ones don’t know. The Padli gang of the state supported him. Baghula Bagu comes, answer me. Why do we increase dates as a restriction on movement of dates? You catch us and keep us in check. The 9th minister falls. “I will tell you after 13th”, Manoj Jarang gestured so big.

‘Casteism is not coming?’

“Dynasticism is what we call bananas. Madhav Pattern Mein Suru Banana Ka? Who took every front? Make me a bitter racist? Am I a casteist because I want reservation? Mahajyoti rotates, Barti moves, Sarathichi Amechi Poron Upshonala, Schoolala is tormented. Caste bias is created. Due to the traffic jam, nearby villages requested him. Is racism not a thing? We did not come here because caste-based divisions were being created. I come and stay in between. Office Taku in Gavkari Khatai Tar Nako Kayata, Shahgarh. Only Ata Yevlevlani started the movement. Is racism not a thing?’, asked Manoj Jarang.

‘You come here and teach us’

“OBC leaders gathered. It doesn’t hurt me but please unregister. Will not drive us. Kunbi Marathas are one, remember. No matter how much he slanders, I will not back down. This is called cancellation of register. We will not bear it, our words will be nullified and our seven times are said to be nullified. We have reservation for 150 years and we are trying to save reservation, you come here and complain to us”, Manoj Jarang said in this comment.

“The Mandal Commission gave 14 per cent reservation. Remove remaining bogus reservations. Bogus reservation has been void for so many years. OBC leaders gathered and created pressure. Let us come somewhere together. This is a letter here. I want to go to Antarwalila. But I will be very tired and come to the hospital. There is a plan to riot by racial division. It just doesn’t move much. Marathas are one. has been proven. Everyone knows that I will fight for the Marathas”, said Manoj Jarang.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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